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SoCS – Girl, Wash Your Face

Day 258

Linda has given us quite a creative challenge this week — one that is being repeated. It will, however, be the first time I have written from this fun prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “open book, point, write.” Pick up the closest book to you when you sit down to write your post. Close your eyes, open the book, and place your finger on the page. Whatever word or phrase your finger lands on, write about it. Enjoy!

The Book I chose is “Girl, Wash Your Face”, by Rachel Hollis. I have not read it yet, so this should be fun!

Page 69.
“Friends, it’s not about the goal or the dream you have. It’s about who you become on your way to that goal.”

Whew, that’s a powerful phrase right there. Sometimes I have a difficult time articulating a goal or a dream for this phase of my life — other than to be happy and at peace. Those are pretty big goals in and of themselves. Oh, I have a lot of things I’d ‘like’ to do, but they are not what I would consider goals for my life. I thought about writing about the first word ‘friends’ but suddenly I got a little choked up on that one. Friends have come and gone in my life and the numbers of people in that category have dwindled a lot. No, not in the mindset to tackle those ideas today.

Who I am becoming, however, is everything that is happening in my life at present. Finding peace is about allowing the world’s events to happen around me and not trying to make them happen to me. Happiness, I am finding is a choice. It’s amazing how many times I look back across my life and see the number of times I chose to be unhappy. It’s a difficult reckoning.

Who chooses to be unhappy you might ask? We all do. We let problems and challenges have a bigger life that they deserve. We are confronted with a sad or unhappy situation and instead of just accepting it as one of the swirls of life, we choose to get in the soup and swirl along with it. Staying in a bad marriage. Taking on someone else’s pain. Trying to change ourselves to match some mold we think we need to fit into. Feeling guilt instead of forgiving. Despising instead of loving.

I remember well when I read ‘Loving What Is’. It was not an easy concept for me to accept. I would say it took years before I truly understood it all. Byron Katie wrote a very simple concept but difficult idea to put into practice. Loving whatever surrounds us is a big ask from the Universe.

Then I was gifted the Kyle Cease experience and learned how to put meditation into my life and again, the message of loving what swirls around us takes some practice for sure. Funny how this similar message was to resurface in my life at this time. It has certainly helped me become the person I am meant to be — whatever goal or dream I set for myself. Now with the phrase from the book I chose today, I guess it’s time to find a few quiet moments to read “Girl, Wash Your Face”.

I think learning to be happy and at peace are some very positive and very attainable goals.

Have you been reading some of the SoCS posts but not sure you were ready to participate? No time like the present I say. Just click the link to check out Linda’s post for all the rules. Make sure you take the time to read all the wonderful takes on this interesting prompt.

20 thoughts on “SoCS – Girl, Wash Your Face”

  1. During a long life, I have found that outside influences get in the way of those goals and dreams, every time. I got to the stage where I no longer had any, because I just knew that something would come along to disrupt them.
    Now I can reflect that this is exactly what life is about. Living in the real world as it happens, and trying to forget those unattainable dreams. It took over fifty years, but I finally got there.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, I always hate to hear that anyone gave up on their dreams. I know I had dreams and goals I did not achieve — maybe I was fortunate in an odd way because the reasons were of my own doing.

      You seem like a driven person, so you have my curiosity up. I wonder what life knocked out of your way. You do not need to answer, of course.

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      1. Just the usual. Broken marriages, failed relationships, and many unrealistic expectations.
        I used to think that it was better not to have dreams, than to have those dreams shattered. I am more relaxed about it all, now I am older.
        I don’t think you would consider me ‘driven’, if you had known me a long time. 🙂
        Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. Many of us have those things, Pete. I have found that disappointments loomed much larger than life when I was younger. Funny, when I think back about those losses (relationships, jobs) I mourned, I now see I was better out of them than in. Could not see it then.

          I am not sure how one could serve in emergency services for so long and not be driven.

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          1. I was probably very driven at the time. I was certainly socially and politically driven for many years, considering it my duty to work in a ‘responsible’ job that gave something back to society and made no profit for businesses.
            As for the rest, I know everyone goes through such things. But in my case, they did dampen my dreams. I’m not doing a ‘why me? Just an honest answer’ 🙂
            Best wishes, Pete.

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    2. You know, don’t think of it as forgetting unattainable dreams, but think of it as evolving into something that is much better because you realized that perhaps those goals weren’t really for you after all, Pete. I think you are a truly amazing and wonderful person, and I think you finally got to the core of who you really are as a real human being, and what is and is not truly important to you. Having money – there is nothing wrong with that, but I know millionaires who are the most miserable people you ever will meet, and so it is true about people who are famous, etc. Happiness comes from something deep inside us. We are not afraid of the things outside, but what lies inside the compass of our souls. We do not fear failure, but we are terrified of success. And what IS success in this world. It is what you say it is and what means something to you within the context of your life. I was never impressed by having new cars, lots of money, etc. but I liked being who I really am without any need to be anyone else. I am not the most beautiful or the most wise woman in the world, but I am responsible for whatever happiness I choose to enjoy, and that involves experiencing life fully at whatever level I am able to do. I don’t need a lot to have enjoyment in this life. I find it every day in such tiny little things. Bringing a plant back to life that was thrown in the garbage, making a little dog who is trying to hard to protect us grownups, his parents by chasing a little pest all night from coming near us, or just reading the good posts of all my dear friends I have met here. That fills my bill for each and every day. Encouraging another person to keep going when they are ready to give up. These are the things we have that no one can take from us, no one can cheat us out of, and that continue to grow in strength and value as we use them every day. Thank you, Pete, for always being true to who you are. Anne always

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  2. In my unhappiest moments, I didn’t think I had a choice. In many therapeutic models, it’s encouraged to feel and accept your feelings – even the uncomfortable ones. But then we can examine the underlying thoughts. Or we can just choose to be happy and at peace. It takes practice, but I can say, I am happy and at peace in this moment. Loving the things that surround us is very helpful. There’s always something to love, like my manic dog who made a mess in the bathroom has beautiful brown eyes. Love feels much better. Thanks, I needed this.

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    1. JoAnna, I understand and agree, that in the moment we feel so stuck. I remember so well in Byron Katie’s book she talked about learning to love the incessant wind and how it transformed the way she lived in her environment.

      I have felt (and still do at times) the sting of those moments, but as I say so often, I do not dwell there. I am happy and at peace.

      Enjoy those doggie eyes. They only long for the same peace and happiness.

      Thank you for your comment.

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  3. My book is Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a man’s Soul by John Eldredge. I opened the book to a section called “Strength Gone Bad.”

    He writes: “Adam falls and all his sons with him. After that, what do you see as the story unfolds? Violent men, or passive men. Strength gone bad. Cain kills Abel; Lamech threatens to kill everyone else. God finally floods the earth because of the violence of men, but it’s still going on. Sometimes it gets physical, but most of the time it is verbal.

    This seems to say it all without my interpretation, but I believe that what we fear is not that outside us, but what lies within us. Thank you very kindly.


  4. I came to Loving What Is within the last 18 months and I’m definitely still absorbing it. Sometimes I remember what it taught me, sometimes I fight tooth & nail until I remember what it tried to teach me, sometimes I just forget altogether until I’m a big fat mess. Work in progress. I get that.

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    1. Laura, it was not an easy one for me. The language was in opposition to my way of thinking. I put it aside and moved on. It hit me at later times — that’s when it started to make sense for me.


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