Throwback Thursday – Fashion

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Day 256, The real blog

There was a time in my life I was so interested in fashion. Not high fashion, mind you. Just looking good and feeling good.

There wasn’t a lot of excess money when I was in high school, so I wore the basics and never really thought much about it. Mom had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and the rest of the world just seemed to float by me. What I wore or what I did to my hair did not seem to matter all that much. All my friends were very conscious of their clothes, even though I’m not sure why. It was the early 70’s in central Ohio and let’s just say it was not the fashion capital of the world. I did have a pair or two of ‘hot pants’ but for the most part, I just dressed to get out the door.

After high school, I joined the Air Force. This would be the first time I earned my own money and could spend it on anything I wanted. It was a foreign world. People from all over thrust together in dormitories left to their own devices to find themselves and their tribe. Being in the military meant my daily attire was issued by Uncle Sam as was my food and a place to live. That meant all the money I made was disposable income — at least for me. I was too young and free to be thinking about my future.

Retro Me in the Dayroom – 1973.

Bell-bottoms were the rage as were peasant blouses. I wore my hair long and straight. I spent a lot of money on clothes and shoes. If I wore jeans, I ripped the hems out, frayed the edges, and sewed ‘cute’ (not functional) patches on them. When not in uniform, I was dressed suited for whatever occasion. Halter tops and platform shoes, headbands and arm bracelets, Tabu and crushed velvet, and always blue eye shadow.

Reader’s Digest version of my life follows…

Fast-forward through life a little. Marriages (and not good ones), children, work and of course age takes a toll. My self-esteem was shot and slowly I lost the desire to worry about fashion. Divorce helped, but it would be a while before I came into my own again. I found a nice job and I was good at it. I worked my way up the corporate ladder and I dressed the part.

But outside of work, I wasn’t dating or trying to impress anyone.

I eventually fell in love again and love sure does boost one’s self-esteem. I started caring again about how I looked to others. Eventually, I remarried and found happiness again. The funny thing about love, though, is it is easy to get comfortable and get into a rut with how you dress and how you look. Today I’m a jeans and sweats girl. I like comfort. Years of wearing heels have made me appreciate shoes that are easy to wear — I hesitate to say comfortable shoes but let’s be honest, that’s what I like.

If there is any special occasion in my life, it might require me to either pull out something ill-fitting from my wardrobe or else I may need to make a special purchase.

The funny thing is I am not uncomfortable with this version of me. Since retiring, I have taken more interest in how I look and feel. I am happy with who I am and when I am happy, everything else comes naturally. Well, everything but this hair. That needs professional attention.



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  1. I think most important is to feel good and comfortable….for example I like heels and office attire but some days I fell good only in my sport shoes 🙂


  2. Since I started working from home I’ve more or less stopped wearing heels. I remember the frayed hems jeans and the patches. And having to lie on the floor to do up the zip. Nowadays, I look askance at people wearing jeans with the knees ripped!

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    1. It’s funny how our attitude changes. 40 years of wearing heels really can damage our feet. An unfortunate result many do not realize until later in life. Lying down to zip pants! What a memory. I had a friend who actually used a pair of pliers to zip up her pants. No, I could never wear anything that constricting these days. I am actually thankful I enjoy the relaxed fit. Thanks for the memory, Mary.

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  3. I remember the high school days. I had to buy all my own clothes as there was no money. I babysat, tutored, and then went to work at McDs for money. I remember the bell bottoms and the long long hair I actually tried to iron once. Ouch. No heels for me for over 25 years. Foot disability took care of that. For many years it has been comfort, comfort, comfort as far as fashion is concerned. But you, m’lady, are beautiful no matter what the fashion statement is.

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    1. ( is 3:00 pm and I am still in my pajamas). But thanks for the vote of confidence.

      I never tried to iron my hair, but my sister did. I do remember getting a round brush tangled into my hair when I tried to blow it really straight. I still hate round brushes!

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  4. i’m still in the workforce but thank God for business casual attire (bca). barring no jeans and tank tops, everything that is comfortable for me is bca. no heels except on rare social functions. lovely retro look 🙂

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  5. Well, I guess I chose the right profession…..nursing! Got to wear uniforms ( but had to have “cute” ones and COMFORTABLE SHOES ALWAYS!! I would never have survived heels!!
    And, FYI, your hair is gorgeous and I’m VERY jealous of that!! Lol.

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    1. I think your career wardrobe was nice, but I know I was not cut out to be a nurse. I recently watched a video from a nurse talking about how nurses detach. It was all about learning to have empathy and re-learn how to interact with families in the worst of situations. No, I respect you for what you chose — I could never have done it.

      And this hair is getting chopped soon.


  6. Thanks for the memories of bell bottoms and peasant blouses. In college I wore a bandana around my head in the peasanty style. Now I’m all about comfortable shoes, yoga pants and skirts with elastic waists. I still have a couple peasant blouses. They’ve come back into style!

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  7. For most of my life, I could tell you what I liked or didn’t like about my clothes, but I couldn’t tell you why. I’ve actually been doing quite a bit of independent study on fashion the last few years and can now define why I like it. It’s made me a smarter shopper, leading to not buying or wearing things that don’t feel good on me. As we all know, when one does not feel good, one cannot look good to one’s self. Simply eliminating some items is very freeing.
    Peasant blouses for the win.

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