Back to the Routine

Day 253

Today was back to my routine. It is so easy to fall back into old habits and justify it all — tying it up in a beautiful little package. My determination eventually wins out. I want to stay on a healthy path.

It was a nice 69° F this morning with a light breeze. Perfect walking weather. I tried to do a mental walking meditation, but I found too many distractions walking with someone else. Walking meditation will wait until I strike out alone.

Summer is not my favorite season. I do love a good thunderstorm, but the last two weeks have been fairly dry. Most of the flowers have long ceased blooming, except for a few. Even the birds are less active in the heat of the day.

The garden is still flourishing, but we are watering it daily. I have a cucumber almost ready to pick. Lucky for me, hubby does not like cucumbers. Along with tomatoes, cucumber sandwiches are one of my favorite summer lunches.


Last night we stopped at a roadside farm stand and picked up the first South Carolina peaches of the year. They are not fully ripe, but in a few days, they will be ready to eat. Maybe I can add some sliced peaches to my morning cereal.

What I’m Pondering

I still find myself sometimes fighting things I really want to do. Why is that? I get so enthusiastic about things but as the day approaches, I find myself trying to talk myself out of the very thing I was pursuing. Fear of failure? Feeling undeserving? What the heck?

Definitely worth meditating about.

What Stuck With Me

On our artist studio tour this weekend, I discovered a piece of art inspired by by a song written by eden ahbez (all lower case) called “Nature Boy”. The story of abhe, as he was known to friends, and this song is a very in interesting read. The song was originally recorded by Nat King Cole.

When I came home, I looked the song up on YouTube, It has a haunting feel to it which sticks with me.

Over the years, it has been recorded by artists Natalie Cole, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie among others. I am no John Holton, but this song deserves a better tribute than I can give it.

That’s my Monday morning. I hope Monday is being kind to you.


11 thoughts on “Back to the Routine”

  1. I know that song well, and it is wonderful, George Benson’s version is my own favourite.

    I also prefer to walk alone. (Though I have Ollie of course) Walking with others is never quite the same.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. What a beautiful song! Tomato, cucumber, and basil sandwiches on whole grain bread – maybe a little avocado – I could eat those every day.

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  3. Always loved that song….especially Nat King Cole. Tomato, Basil and avocado…..yum. I like cucumber, alone! Lol.

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    1. Nancy, I am amazed at how many people know that song. You could come eat from my garden. Except I do not have an avocado tree, but for everything else no problem!


    1. Sandra, it’s funny how one song could touch so many people all around the world. That’s the power of music. Summer is flush with fresh fruits and vegetables which is divine.

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