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Reflecting on Life, Death and the Gift of Blogging

Day 240

I stayed up too late last night and found myself sleeping in this morning. Days like this make me so thankful to be retired. I walked outside to look at the progress in the garden before it gets too hot. We have so many small tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers that I hope will survive the insects and the summer heat.

I plucked a single ripe strawberry off the vine and bit into it. It was warm and so flavorful. Luscious! Normally birds would be darting in and out of the feeders, but while our family was here last week, a black bear decided to dine at the bird feeders. The result was a completely destroyed pole and three smashed feeders – our very favorite feeders of course.

Such is life here. We normally put the feeders out around 8:00 a.m. and bring them in around 7:00 p.m. before it gets dark. When bears look for food, they do not worry much about time of day so we are constantly on the watch. We still have a few feeders in the back but it will be a while before we sink money into replacing the expensive feeders.

We have seen a few king snakes and rat snakes around. We leave them alone because they eat the mice and some of the venomous snakes. They can be quite startling if you are not fond of snakes.

Last night my dear friend had to have her golden retriever put to sleep. I am heartbroken for her. Her dogs have been her beloved and close companions, loved and cared for as all animals deserve to be.

Being surrounded by the ever present reminders of life and death, I found myself reflecting on blogging. I had private blogs back when I was active on LiveJournal. This was a sacred place closed to all but a few close friends and one of my sisters. We shared a lot there. Now that my sister has passed, I keep my LiveJournal account so I can go back and revisit the things she wrote.

After that journey, I started a WordPress blog back in 2010 on the heels of a dear friend’s death. My first post was entitled ‘In Search of Signs of Life’. Funny how threads resurface in our lives. It was a place where I could process my feelings and thoughts around life and death. I wrote a good bit there as my sisters fought their battles with cancer. I have not written there in a long time although the blog is still up.

I started this blog 240 days ago as part of a goal of blogging every day. I think I have found myself over this course time. I am able to reflect without being absorbed. I can be empathetic without becoming depressed. I see and acknowledge what is not healthy for me and move on. I am constantly seeking to expand my experiences and knowledge and I have found blogging an excellent way to do so.

This morning I was honored when a fellow blogger (dare I say friend?) Pete recommended my blog to his followers. I was honored to think he found something of substance in what I share here. Thank you again, Pete.

I appreciate all who take the time to come by and read my blog. It means a lot. Blogging has certainly enriched my life and I have learned so much about us as people. We are much more alike than we sometimes realize. And as people, we need each other. Bridging cultural differences and discovering commonality is a gift. One that I will treasure for a lifetime.

21 thoughts on “Reflecting on Life, Death and the Gift of Blogging”

          1. No words. Thank you, always, for your kindness, love, understanding and guidance. Your blog feeds my soul and teaches me so much. I see that many others get those benefits and more.
            Thank you for your support thru our sad journey and all the other trials. You are such a blessing to so many!

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          2. Nancy, I am so sorry about Carlin. I know this has been such a difficult road these last few months.

            I am glad you are with me on this journey. I always enjoy your thoughtful comments, my friend. I am not sure I have anything to teach, just my experience to share. You are a blessing in my life, too.


  1. Hi Maggie, I love your posts too. I am trying to physically care for my significant other, Richard, right now as he is just recovering from a major surgery on his cervical spine. But every day is a new day, and I love every single day that I am still here on this earth, no matter what the day brings. That’s the attitude we all need to keep because if you think about the trees, they have to lose their leaves and sort of look dead, but while they are in that state, they are creating buds for new leaves and fruit if they are fruit trees. Thank you very kindly.

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    1. Anne, I remember you saying you were caring for Richard. I hope he is recovering well.

      Yes, live is all around us. We need only do our part to sustain ourselves and our surroundings.

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    1. I love the.definition of lola. I can relate. I am so glad you enjoyed the blog. Pete was so generous in sharing it. I look forward to getting to know you better.


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