Escaping Negativity

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Day 238

I was thinking about how negativity is a bit like gravity. It’s a pull that is difficult if not impossible to resist. Lately, it seems that negativity is so prevalent that we are almost not aware of it — much like gravity. It just is.

So, I thought I’d be smart and look up to see how far from earth’s surface I would need to be to escape the gravitational pull. Funny, though, that’s not an easy question to answer. I thought I could read about it and rephrase it here, but I cannot. It’s not easy to explain. There are formulas and free falling and zero gravity to consider. All too much for my brain right now.

But I did realize just how much the pull toward negativity is a lot like gravity. It’s heavy. It pulls us in, often without us even realizing it exists. Escaping the pull is not easy and telling someone how to do it is not easy either.

That’s where the similarity ends, though. You see, I think we can resist negativity. We can experience something difficult without being pulled into a spiral of negativity. We can have empathy without being caught up in the difficulty of the situation. We can tell our stories without letting them swallow us up.

We can observe the hard and challenging parts of life and choose to take positive steps to head those things off. I will not say it is always easy, but it truly is possible. So many big things are swirling around us constantly — many can be negative — but to get caught in the pull of that spiral means it will be hard to get out.

Life is a series of situations about which we can decide how to react. I’m not saying that hard things do not bring sadness, but we do not need to live there. We can sit with the feeling and then let it pass. We can acknowledge the sadness, without being consumed by it.

Ever have one of those friends who is just not happy unless they are miserable? Notice how they want to bring you down with them? We all know misery loves company, but why do we allow ourselves to get caught up?

All of this jumbled thought started early this morning when I watched a video on FaceBook by my friend, Kim Halsey. It was the best 3 minutes and 14 seconds I had spent in a long time.


15 thoughts on “Escaping Negativity”

  1. I have woken up every day for years feeling negative about my life. Each day is a struggle to break free of that, and to try to make something positive of the hours ahead. Blogging is my mainstay, when it comes to keeping positive.
    But I never try to bring anyone down with me. Instead, I keep up a cheerful face to others I encounter.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Pete, I wonder where those feelings originate?

      There was a time I was so unhappy in my life, I could not find one thing to be positive about. It took years afterward for me to break free of those feelings. It was not depression I don’t think, but a belief I was stuck and nothing would ever change. More a feeling of terminal unhappiness.

      You chose a tough ‘reality facing’ career. I wonder if that could have anything to do with it?

      I am glad you have blogging as a way to counteract those feelings. I never thought of you as negative by following your blog and certainly never felt you were dragging me into a negative place.

      I hope you can find a way to find more positivity. It is a really nice place to dwell. The best to you, Pete.

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      1. My long career in the emergency services undoubtedly gave me a rather pessimistic outlook, and affected my regard for many ‘ordinary people’ too.
        Failed marriages and occasional feelings of inadequacy also contributed greatly, I have no doubt.
        I can see many positives, if I look for them. Relative good health, a secure home life, and the companionship of my loyal dog.
        But I have to remind myself to look for them…
        Best wishes, Pete.

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    2. Dear Pete, So good to read your thoughts. I too have been in that place many years ago, and one of the things I did to help myself was to purposely look for and make a scrapbook collection of positive thoughts and photos. I made it a task to do it every single day, and you know, it worked wonders. We each have to find our own ways, but always know that if you get to feeling down too much, you have friends out here to reach out to. We have all been there and understand it. Peace and blessings always, Anne

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        1. Hi Pete, I wish I knew more about this. Are you a senior as I am? Are you a Veteran from one of the wars or perhaps more of them? Is this a lifetime thing, or something that resulted from something recent in your past? Are you physically ill/challenged? Those are things I know a lot about. I am a senior and have been through my own difficult times emotionally, and my brother is 100% disabled from Vietnam. I used to have a nonprofit to assist physically/mentally/emotionally challenged fiber artists, and discovered there are a lot of us out there with such a variety of challenges.

          Not that it will help you much, but you seem like a truly wonderful person with lots of interesting things you know, and a person that most of us I am sure would be glad to be friends with. My personal email is if you ever want to write me. One thing about me is that I have been through so much in my own life that there is not a whole lot I don’t understand with my friends. Please feel free to write and you always can count on complete anonymity. I truly care for and about others, and I know how it sure helps to have a friend or friends you can trust. Peace and blessings, Anne

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          1. You are very kind, Anne. I am 67 years old, and I have never served in the military. I worked as an EMT in London for 22 years, then for 12 years in the Police, as a communications officer. I have been married three times, and divorced twice. In the process, I lost two houses, and a large amount of money.
            I think a lot of my negative outlook comes from working in stressful and unpleasant jobs for 34 years, and losing faith in humanity whilst doing so.
            I was also very political, and a left-wing union organiser. But in recent years, I have become disillusioned with that too.
            But I like to think that blogging has shown a better side of me, and I try to be supportive, kind, and respectful. In many respects, I live in the past, and think that the future is going to be a very bad place for all concerned.
            I suspect much of my negativity comes from being very disillusioned. That makes me glad that I am old, and have the best years behind me.
            Thanks, and best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. You have to reach for the bright spots in life, and hang on to them like life preservers. There are so many negative (people, places, news) that it’s impossible to avoid.

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  3. Hi Pete, I can fully understand your thinking because of all the experiences you have had in your life. Today’s world is very challenging in that respect, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with you.

    You have seen and lived through a lot, and I don’t think that would be easy for anyone. But it can also serve to make us stronger, and I believe that though you have been through these things, you are a good survivor. In the end result, we develop a whole new set of values that works with what we do have, and perhaps become appreciative of that. You are still young, about 10 years than I am, and I still consider myself young.

    I think it is not so much that we can change things, but we can learn to live and make the best of what there is. You are doing that, and doing a good job, so keep it up.

    I for one always look forward to reading your writing, though right now as I am a caregiver for my significant other, it is difficult to do a lot of reading or writing. You be well and I am glad you are trying to do what you can to overcome a life full of challenges. I always tell people if we never had those challenges, we would never learn compassion for others. Thank you most kindly, Pete, and I am sure there are others besides me who care about you.


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