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Foggy Friday

Day 226

Unfortunately, I am in a bit of a fog today. I woke early with a mild headache, but dressed for our morning walk just the same. As we stepped outside it started to rain. Just recovering from a cold, I did not want to get caught in the rain. We came in, checked the radar, and managed to get a short walk in between storms.

I saw this bird nest lying on the ground as we walked. Hopefully, it has served its purpose. Our bluebirds and our Carolina wrens have hatched and the nests are now empty so maybe the same is true for this abandoned nest.

I took a class last year that explained how to tell the bird by the construction of the nest, but I honestly don’t remember now. Maybe when this headache subsides I will try to look it up. Waiting for this sinus pill to kick in.

Last night we saw the first lightening bugs of the season. To me that signals the transition from spring to summer. I am not ready for the heat of summer. Our weather predictions are in the 80-90° F range all this week through Memorial Day.

But all-in-all, next week will be wonderful regardless. Our children and granddaughter will be here for the long weekend. There will be adventures to be had no matter the weather.

7 thoughts on “Foggy Friday”

  1. If it is 80-90 degrees and stormy, small wonder you have a headache, Maggie. It went from sunny weather all week to grey skies and a cold breeze here, with a top temperature of just 13 C today. (56 F)
    We don’t have lightning bugs in the UK, (as far as I know) so nothing to indicate that change for us.
    I hope that you feel better soon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I hope, by this writing, the sinus pill has kicked in.
    I’m SO excited that you are having the kids next week. Can you give some kisses for me too?! Looking forward to seeing pictures.
    For now, feel better. 💜

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