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SoCS – Strain

Day 220

Once again we contemplate the prompt provided by Linda Hill for our Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “strain.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Today’s prompt gave me pause. I was blank, not able to wrap my head around this prompt — at least nothing that would support any stream of consciousness writing. Suddenly it hit me, I was feeling constrained by this topic!

After staring blankly at the screen with few thoughts bubbling to the surface. I blinked and realized I was giving myself eyestrain so I had to walk away and ponder this word ‘strain‘ for a bit.

Sometimes I fear I am a control freak in my writing. Stream of Consciousness writing does not make room for self-restraint. You cannot think too long about it or the spontaneity of the writing disappears.

So, nothing ever came to the forefront concerning the word ‘strain‘ but I found a lot of other words containing that string of letters suddenly started pouring into my conscious thoughts. Linda always tells us to use the word in any way that we want.

Ahhh, freedom. Now I feel unrestrained in writing all these confusing thoughts down. I hope my fellow SoCS writers managed better than I this week.

Care to join in the fun for an excellent way to write your Saturday blog? Hop on over to Linda G. Hill’s blog for all the rules. While you are there, read the comments to see how other people handled the prompt.


15 thoughts on “SoCS – Strain”

  1. That’s a good description of the strain of this prompt. I usually know what I want to write about, but working it around the prompt can be difficult. Still, that’s the fun of it, isn’t it. It’s why we keep coming back.

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  2. Way to work your way through the strain of the topic! Happy Saturday – Hope the rest of the weekend isn’t constraining for you and that you have a wonderful time! 😉

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