When Times Were Gentle

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Day 217

I have a print hanging upstairs my husband bought me on our second anniversary. The painting, When Times Were Gentle, is by the artist G. Harvey. It is a night street scene of times gone by. It has such a peaceful aura about it. I am not old enough to remember these times, but I do often think about how much simpler life seemed when I was growing up. I know life is not the same for us across the board, but for a child, I believe life should be gentle. I am not saying without responsibility because we had a lot of responsibility. I am just saying free from stress and surrounded by love.

Yesterday there was another school shooting. This type of fear and terror, especially when carried out by peers, must do something to a person’s psyche — especially a child. I cannot imagine going to school knowing school shootings are a reality and a very real possibility.

I am not here to argue gun control or politics, I am here to mourn innocence lost. I fear for my grandchildren living in a world where there seem to be no efforts to curb violence. I think we are becoming numb to it which scares the hell out of me.

People shot dead don’t come back. You don’t get a new life, or get regenerated or re-spawned like so many video games show. Dead is dead. Wounded is scarred — for life.

This blog took a turn I was not expecting today. I had a funny, childhood topic in mind, but some days, things are just not funny.

And just a note. I will not engage in political arguments or soapbox stands here. My blog, my rules. Otherwise, I love reading your thoughtful comments and shared experiences.

“When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.”
Patrick Rothfuss

12 thoughts on “When Times Were Gentle”

  1. Great post here. Although I have been out of school for 15 years, the threat of violence – and violence still very much alive… It still seemed to be a simpler, even gentler, time than now. Maybe, it was living in a small town, or the fact that we lived a sheltered life… Now with the threats and actual events occurring so frequently you can’t shield your children to protect them, but must prepare them for, “in the event of…” Times have truly changed… We still nurture our children with lots of love and teach them to be kind. Unfortunately, we also have to teach them how to take cover…

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    1. Jessy, it definitely is a different time for sure. The messages are in such opposition, Love thy neighbor, but also fear thy neighbor. It breaks my heart.

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    1. Yes, Lauren, teachers are also at risk. Every day. When the perpetrators are students, it makes it hard to discern just who all is at risk. How often do you have the drills? I would hate that.


  2. So sad and tired of being sad about how sad it is.
    Our kids go to our old school. Every time I pull the door to go in and it doesn’t open, my brain immediately shouts, “Why is the door locked??!” followed immediately by my brain on school shooting, “Oh. Yeah.”

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  3. Joey, it is such a sad time for our children. I am tired of it, too. And angry, but that is a futile emotion.


  4. You know, there is something I always write and I believe no matter what things happen in our everyday life. All of us in this world were put here not by mistake, but intentionally or we would not be here. We are all sacred, from all the people in the world, to the creatures, to the plants, down to the smallest grain of sand. If we all don’t develop compassion for others in this world, this world, and likely this universe too, will not survive. Change must come to each and every one of us.

    Yes, it is terrible that so many children have been shot for no real reason, and that the young people who did the shootings are so already in hell in their lives for they surely would not have done such things if their own lives were not in chaos.

    What can change this world? I seriously ask myself this every day. What can I do to change this world or to at least help the change to happen? What is it that needs to be changed? I think it is something called Compassion. Without it, everyone loses. With it, we can possibly make the changes that are needed.

    I don’t think about gun control or any of those issues because they don’t even make any sense in this world. The fact is that there are already so many guns out there that anyone can get whatever they want in a gun, and they can do it on the black market just as booze was readily available during the Prohibition. So this is not the issue, and will not really help us in any respect. But Compassion for others has the potential to help us all. It will be a challenge because there are so many wounded physically, emotionally and otherwise. So it means that we all must try harder to make it happen. And it can happen, but if not, we need to prepare for this world not surviving.


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