Any Advice Before I Move My Blog?

Day 217, part 2

I made the decision to move my blog from to and self-host on a custom domain. I have read all the notes and think I can do this myself (I already have the domain and hosting in place). I know I need to install Jetpack to migrate followers and I will pay the $13 a year for the redirects. Any other advice from those of you that have done this?

It will be a week or two before I can start the migration.

Any gotchas I should know about?

8 thoughts on “Any Advice Before I Move My Blog?”

  1. I haven’t moved my personal blog, but I manage a self-hosted blog and I used to manage a second one.

    1) Research the provider that will be hosting your blog. You get what you pay for, in most cases

    2) Establish a regular pattern of checking so that you know whether your theme and any plug-ins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress – this has been the #1 source of headaches for me. We upgrade something and something else breaks.

    3) Do backups! Even if your hosting package includes backups, do your own on a regular basis and anytime before and after making changes. There are plugins you can purchase to make the process easy, and that give you the flexibility to keep more than one backup and to choose which you want to roll back to.

    Could I ask how the cost of self-hosting compares with the Business plan that includes the ability to load plug-ins and offers unlimited storage? I think that plan is about $300 per year.

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    1. Dan, I wrote a long reply then my internet went down and it is in oblivion somewhere.

      Thanks for your comment and suggestions.

      Luckily before I retired, I was doing web design and kept my reseller arrangement with HostGator for my clients. I charged them $120 a year for hosting. I would need to look to see how much space I allocated to each. You are paying almost what we pay a month for a reseller agreement.

      I always try to stay with one of the Automatic themes because they are most likely to stay in step with WordPress. Or else a company like Elegant Themes who has a broad installation base and keeps their themes current.

      I can add all the plugins I want at no charge (unless the plugin itself has a cost. Plugins are the most likely to get out of sync because developers jump ship a lot.

      Most hosting companies offer a reasonable rate for unlimited storage although the fine print lets you know nothing is truly unlimited.

      And yes, backups are critical. I do a CPanel backup monthly just to be safe.

      Thanks for the dialogue.

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  2. The one thing that I notice (I had the .org before the .com) is that I have to be logged into both accounts in order to reply to comments or to receive comments on the READER. Good luck – if you lose me as a follower in the process, please make sure to stop by again and reinvite me.

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