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Return of the Night Visitor

Day 211

I decided to get a quick blog out since we have a lot of running around on our calendar today. Tonight we will be attending our grandson’s spring band concert which is always wonderful. For a high school band, they are very impressive and the music selection is always enjoyable.

I woke at 6:30 a.m. this morning. The first thing I noticed was the pole for the bird feeder lying across the ground. I knew without a doubt what that meant. Our night visitor had returned. Bears are common in this area, although I would have thought there might be adequate natural food supplies out there right now. We learned two years ago that you cannot leave bird feeders out all night here.

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To be on the safe side, we took our pocket air horn with us on our morning walk. There was nothing to be seen. When we returned from our walk, I retrieved the card from the trail camera. There he was. A black bear. Most likely a couple of years old. He pushed over the bird feeder pole, found nothing, then went on his way. Look at the size of those paws!

Miscellaneous Catch-Up

  • I decided NOT to go on the writing retreat. I did some research and did not feel the facilitator was a good match for me. I felt the cost far outweighed the value.
  • Yesterday marked my first official day on Medicare. This represents a huge saving for us — at least so far.
  • For the last two or three weeks, every time I look at the clock the time is 11:11. My daughter told me that is a sign of angels being near. I like that. If you have something negative to say about that, keep it to yourself.
  • A meaningful rose produced a bud this morning. It is gorgeous and I know will disappear as quickly as it came.
  • The garden is doing well. We have a few blooms on the tomato plants, some tiny peppers on the pepper plants, small broccoli heads, and the radishes are coming up!
  • I saw what I thought were wild strawberries and I was so excited! Unfortunately, they turned out to be mock strawberries which may be an invasive species.
  • We saw our first black snake yesterday. Maybe he can take care of the moles that are tunneling through our yard.
  • Tomorrow I am going to stay with my daughter-in-law and my grandchildren for 3 or 4 days while my son is out of town. I see cooking and playing on my agenda.

There has been a lot on the news that weighs me down, but I am trying hard to maintain my perspective and focus on making a positive difference in my corner of the world.

Happy Thursday! Feel free to share your good news in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Return of the Night Visitor”

      1. I was having a very hard time leaving comments on your page. I don’t know why. I was having to log in everywhere to leave comments, but even then, I was getting rejected at your place. I’m glad you found them.

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  1. “There has been a lot on the news that weighs me down, but I am trying hard to maintain my perspective and focus on making a positive difference in my corner of the world.”

    Me, too. Thank you for the difference you make in just posting your perspectives!
    So happy to hear of that ‘significant’ rosebud emerging. Those are special.

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  2. Oh wow! That’s — I dunno what — Unreal to city girls. I’ve got friends who’ve had bears and bobcats and mountain lions and then in Georgia we had gators, but there really aren’t predatory animals in the city, so it’s hard to fathom.
    So pretty 🙂
    We get wild strawberries about a month from now. We eat them all. I am glad the dog doesn’t eat them 😉
    I think Thursday was a good day because I left work at 5, had Panera in my belly by 6, and was asleep by 10. LOL How simple am I?

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    1. Yes, the bears are certainly present in our area. I am so jealous of the wild strawberries. They have such a rich and wonderful flavor. Jello used to make a wild strawberry Flavor but it was discontinued long ago.

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