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Day 205

I have been thinking about attending a writer’s workshop and honestly, I am struggling with whether or not to attend. All my close family members are very encouraging and supportive but I am not sure it is worth the cost. I am extremely interested in any input or feedback on your experiences with writing workshops.

This event is a small 8 person workshop being held at Edisto Beach, South Carolina. A house has been rented near the beach. The event spans four days and is from what I gather there will be time to get together for discussions twice and day during which there will be sharing and advice. The remaining time is set aside for writing. Now, writing at the beach sounds delightful to me, but I’m not sure of the value for the cost.

There is also a one day conference hosted by the North Carolina Writer’s Network in November. The cost is much more reasonable and the conference will be held closer to home. I would have the opportunity to select from multiple tracks and even attend Master Classes (which I may not be ready for) or submit an excerpt to a slush pile to be read and evaluated by editors. Some of this sounds frightening, but it is more geared toward lectures and possible feedback from well-established authors and editors.

Now, I know I am staring down my ego that is telling me I cannot do this. I know I need to take a leap, but I am struggling on which leap if I am only able to select one. I am not really looking for someone to answer that question for me, I know that is completely up to me. But since I am out of my element, I would love it if anyone had any experiences to share.

This is where my head is tonight and I think I’m going to go meditate for a bit and see if I can clear out a few cobwebs around this decision-making.

Tomorrow we drive up to Spruce Mountain, NC to attend Fire on the Mountain – a day of blacksmithing and forging demonstrations and education. It is an event we attend every year – it’s hubby’s thing, but I do love to snap pictures of the events and the drive is simply beautiful. We may have the opportunity to buy some ramps on the way home, too. Eggs and ramps Sunday morning! Here are a couple of pictures from last year:

Jason Knight
Jason Knight, Forged in Fire Judge
Smelting Demonstration
Ramps, cleaned and ready to cook