Living In The Moment

Day 204

img_9647Yesterday was our warmest day of the year thus far. This morning the temps were a little cooler which made perfect walking weather.

The visual landscape around here is changing fast. Most of the azalea blooms are gone as well as the dogwood flowers and the native azaleas. We seem to have an abundance of rhododendron blooming this year. The irises continue to bloom but the spring flowering season is coming to a close. This morning I was greeted by a splendid white iris that had evidently bloomed. It was spectacular.

I love spring. It has to be my favorite season. I am always a little sad when the warm days and cool nights make way to hot days and equally hot nights. Right now we can still open the doors and windows, but with many more hot days, it will soon be time to close the house up and turn on the air conditioning.

We have a good start on our gardens. We have already had a salad out of our lettuce garden. It is so divine to have our own greens topped with the punch of flavor from fresh dill and cilantro. (Yes, I am one of those that love cilantro. Thankfully, so is hubby.)

I mentioned earlier that hubby raised our container garden. Last year we had so much rain and the ground was so saturated the garden could not drain. Our plants literally drowned.

Raising the garden was cumbersome. I told hubby I thought he over-engineered it which did not go over well. Sorry, but it was so heavy we almost could not turn it over. He basically attached legs of 4×4’s and put planks across the bottom, leaving spaces so the soil could drain. Then he covered it with landscape cloth to keep the dirt from falling through, then comes the soil and the mushroom compost then the planting. I asked him to keep the little ledge rather than even it up. Makes a good place to put pots and the watering can.

Friday we will go to the Asheville WNC Farmers Market for their annual Growing in the Mountains Plant Sale. This is where we usually find a nice array of native plants. We have a bad habit of buying more than we have room to plant, thus a lot of garden plants end up overflowing into individual pots.

Yesterday afternoon we went to help our friend unload his kiln after a 40+- hour soda ash firing. He is an amazing potter and the resulting work was beautiful. The community of artists in this area is inspiring.

Tonight we will go see our grandson at his final track meet of the season and next weekend we will drive to Charleston for our granddaughter’s piano recital.

It seems this retirement life is jam-packed full of things to do.


9 thoughts on “Living In The Moment”

  1. Spring is a wonderful time. I prefer Fall, mainly because I tend to be outside more then, working on projects I’m reluctant to start too early. Thanks for including the pictures of the raised beds. I’m with your hubs, I prefer well-engineered to over-engineered.

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  2. You’re way ahead of us, though I am hoping the last patches of snow will be gone this weekend. Should be able to plant some lettuce and spinach soon. Gonna try getting some of those cool weather crops into the garden soon.
    I love the idea of putting the raised beds on stands. Bending over or kneeling is getting harder each year so I may give this a try.


  3. I really enjoyed your ponderings on spring and all that it gives, Maggie, thank you. That rhododendron is spectacular, and how luscious to also have dogwoods, azaleas and iris. Your garden beds are a work of art, how incredible that your husband can build and create like that. Thanks for sharing the beauties of your space with us.

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  4. I feel like I can smell the dirt! 🙂 What a happy time!
    I am delighted you’re ahead of me in the season, like a lil preview, building my anticipation. I really like that little ‘shelf’ there, it’s clever, serendipitous!

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