Reflections on Easter Morning

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Day 200

I woke up at 2:00 a.m. with Easter hymns running through my head. I was flooded with memories of Easter with my family and missing those times with my siblings, my parents and my grandparents.

Easter morning was always early as we almost always got up and went to Sunrise Service out on a hillside somewhere. If the weather (rain and snow) did not allow for it, we still got up and went to church.

I remember well the new crisp Easter dresses with crinolines that scratched my legs. We always had a shiny new pair of black patent leather shoes and on a rare occasion, an Easter bonnet. For some reason, my parents dressed my two older sisters as if they were twins, even though they were almost a year and a half apart — they hated it as they got older. My brother was always in a suit jacket which was a very rare site to see.

If we were lucky, we got to walk home from church while the adults stood on the front steps to talk. Listening to adults talk for what seemed like forever was the worst!

On the days leading up to Easter Sunday, we would dye Easter eggs. The dye was in the form of a hard tablet that required vinegar and water. It took forever for those tablets to dissolve! There was usually a wax crayon we used to write our names on the eggs so they would resist the dye. Let’s just say our Easter egg designs were not fine art.

After church there was always a big dinner, usually served around 3 in the afternoon. Our Easter baskets were in view all morning, but we did not get our Easter baskets until after we had eaten. Our Easter baskets were inexpensive woven baskets with long handles . Nothing like the stuffed-animal type of baskets today.

When we were younger we hid and hunted Easter eggs. If it rained, we hid them in the house, but I do not recommend that. It seems there is always one egg that gets lost until months later and that is an unpleasant discovery let me tell you!

I hope this morning hold good memories for you, no matter your belief system. Most of all I wish you peace.

Easter holds a lot of good memories for me. For those that celebrate, it is a celebration of the resurrection and the promise of everlasting life.

This morning I am saddened by the news coming out of Sri Lanka on this Easter Sunday. Such a senseless act of violence.


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  1. I’ve been reminiscing, too. As a kid, Easter really was all about candy, lol! I still have a weakness for malted robin’s eggs. 😉 Nowadays, sugar is off the menu (oh, rats!) and kids get stuffed bunnies, toys, etc. I prefer the bliss of ignorance. 😀

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    1. We lived rather frugally but we loved candy when we could get it. I was never a fan of jelly beans but I loved coconut eggs and anything malted!

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    All the same memories rise to the surface this morning so I thought I would reblog this post from 2019. Today we will see and hug two of our grandchildren for the first time in well over a year.

    On this day, I extend best wishes to you and yours.

    For those who celebrate, I wish you a happy and blessed Easter.


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