Pennies From Heaven

Day 193

It is a rainy Sunday. We have threats of severe weather this afternoon and evening. Not a good day to be outside so I decided to try to get my blog published before Mother Nature blows some high wind our way and knocks out the power and our cell service.

When my sister was a little girl, she stood with her face pressed against the window and would just lament “pouin’ down rain”. It made me smile thinking about her this morning. Every time it rained, one of her siblings would always look at her and repeat her childhood words back to her.

Most people seem to find the rain depressing or it reminds them of less happy times. I started looking for songs about rain I found most of them to be about love gone wrong or heartbreak. I wanted to post an upbeat rain song. I narrowed it down to two songs, but The Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men” lost out to this number by Count Basie and Frank Sinatra:

Yesterday I spent some time outside taking photographs of plants and flowers. I am glad I did because if the high winds and heavy rain continue, a lot of the blooms will be destroyed.

The text I just received indicates we are under tornado watch until 8:00 p.m. I can see the trees moving as the wind gusts move through ahead of the storm. Our trees are only feet away from our house.

So, before we lose our connection to the outside world, I think I will hit publish and go find a good book to read.

Yes! There are the sirens. Our watch just became a warning.

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    1. Luckily the warning only lasted about 45 minutes. The extended the watch through 5 o’clock this morning. I didn’t end up reading. We fixed dinner and I watched a little tv instead. A rather lazy night.

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  1. Oof! Stay safe! I like a good rain, especially when I can be home. We have had a couple ‘too rainy’ springs and when I can’t get seeds sown, I get upset.
    The honeysuckle colors there are soooo pretty! We mostly have the aggressive invasive sort. They’re also pretty, but you know, aggressive and invasive, sooo — not in my yard.

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    1. We made it through with no ill effects. The rain continued off and on all evening. I am anxious to get out and plant some in our raised garden. Bring on the veggies! Yeah, invasive is not good.

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  2. I too love the rain, and love to be indoors listening to “pou’in down” rain. Sometimes when I am tired of listening to the TV with my significant other, Richard, I put on my earphones to relaxation music with rain and thunder sounds. Never fails to relax me. At the same time, I can be afraid if I hear sirens about the rain too. My yard is over-run with violets, the natural ones that grow in the woods. They are amazing in how they will just pop up anywhere if they are growing in just one place. I love them though and love most everything that grows in my yard. Wild mint grows in some parts and is very welcome for tea, and wild dandelions grow in some areas, and I love those greens in a salad when they are young and still soft. Most everything can be a treat in my yard. I am getting ready to plant some flower and herb seeds I had planted last year (these are the leftovers). Can’t wait to see what comes up. I live in an old mobile home park, and I have a small yard, but it has a fence, and I have fruit trees I planted and lots of other plants that will flower, and then succulents and some plants that can be indoor or outdoor plants. I am trying to remember the name of the man who wrote a book many years ago about edible wild plants. I seem to have misplaced it, but it is one of my all-time favorites. I would definitely eat more wild plants as long as I can identify them and ensure they are not poisonous. Maybe one of you can remember. I really would love to find that book again.

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    1. Was it Euell Gibbons? I know he wrote several books. I am anxious to take our foraging trip to learn more about the wild edible plants in this region. Your violets sound lovely. We have them, too — both purple and white.

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      1. Oh thank you so much! Since I can’t see my copy of the one book, or can’t find it, I could not for the life of me remember his name. Yes, I really liked him and his writing. Oh, your violets sound lovely. I have never seen the white ones. I just gathered the little seed pods off of my lilac vine. the lilacs are tiny ones on this particular type. I got the vine for just $1 at a sale at Lowe’s here in California. They used to have bargains like this all the time. Also got a Bleeding Heart vine the same way and same price. I guess it was too good. I love to gather seeds of things I see that I like everywhere I go. I look down at the ground so much, I am like the absent-minded professor who would likely walk off a cliff if I didn’t have someone to tell me to look up. And when I find a seed for which I don’t know the name, it becomes a Neatseed until it can be properly identified. Too much fun. I also got some tiny fruit with seeds in it that might be peaches on my walk, so of course I had to pick up all the potential growers. Thanks for helping me to remember.

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  3. GREAT song!!! I have to say, I love seeing rain here in the sedona area. We have such giant open skies and expansive views, you can literally see ” sheets” of rain in various spots hitting the ground and blue skies in between. At 3300 feet elevation, the clouds come right down over our mountains! Its like being in heaven. So, here, I see beauty in the rain!

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    1. Sounds beautiful, Nancy! Sedona and the surrounding areas are so stunning as it is. I can imagine watching the rain come across the mountains must be a sight to see.


    2. Oh I used to live in Arizona (Phoenix and Scottsdale, went to Az State Univ. for archaeology). Yes, I love the place and love the group of shopping places where the trees were allowed to stay and they built all around them. I am trying to remember as it has been a long time – Tlaquepaque?

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