Pennies From Heaven

Day 193

It is a rainy Sunday. We have threats of severe weather this afternoon and evening. Not a good day to be outside so I decided to try to get my blog published before Mother Nature blows some high wind our way and knocks out the power and our cell service.

When my sister was a little girl, she stood with her face pressed against the window and would just lament “pouin’ down rain”. It made me smile thinking about her this morning. Every time it rained, one of her siblings would always look at her and repeat her childhood words back to her.

Most people seem to find the rain depressing or it reminds them of less happy times. I started looking for songs about rain I found most of them to be about love gone wrong or heartbreak. I wanted to post an upbeat rain song. I narrowed it down to two songs, but The Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men” lost out to this number by Count Basie and Frank Sinatra:

Yesterday I spent some time outside taking photographs of plants and flowers. I am glad I did because if the high winds and heavy rain continue, a lot of the blooms will be destroyed.

The text I just received indicates we are under tornado watch until 8:00 p.m. I can see the trees moving as the wind gusts move through ahead of the storm. Our trees are only feet away from our house.

So, before we lose our connection to the outside world, I think I will hit publish and go find a good book to read.

Yes! There are the sirens. Our watch just became a warning.