Feeling Sad

Day 188

It has been an emotional evening. When children know you are leaving the following day, they start processing those emotions right away.

It is sad and breaks this grandma’s heart.

So, I am getting up at 6:00 a.m. to tell them goodbye before they leave for school. I love them with everything in me.

Tonight, I’m tucking myself in not looking forward to the morning farewell. The worst part about being a grandma is the goodbyes.


17 thoughts on “Feeling Sad”

  1. Oh Maggie, I know that SO well.

    It’s hard for me to have 2 of my children and their families living so far away, but then one just kind of gets used to it and manages to stay in touch as best they can (FaceTime is such a blessing!). But when they come to visit I am over the moon excited, like a little girl waking up Christmas morning getting all the presents she wanted. And it is so good to see them and we have such a good time, but then they leave. And my heart breaks. Every.single.time. And then what happens, while you had somewhat adjusted to them not being here, once they HAVE been here and you could hold them and hug them and kiss them and love them in a thousand ways, when they leave it’s like re-opening a wound, you can barely stand that they live so far away. I go through a time of grieving every single time my kids and grandkids come and then leave. I will always wish that they all lived here, close, but the way things are these days I am deeply blessed to have one child and her family here. I’d be lost without Rachel.

    So I’m so sorry for your soft, tender Grandma’s heart, and it will hurt, and theirs will too, but we mend, and we go on, one way or the other. I pray you have a gentle transition back. We should talk soon…



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    1. The heartbreak is the hard part of being a present grandmother. But the one thing I have learned is that when our heart breaks, it grows back bigger with more capacity to love. Yours are much further away than most of mine. The distance is hard, though. I have one that’s way too far away.

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