Short and Sweet

Day 187

I took a quick trip to lend a hand to my son and daughter-in-law. The side benefit of trips like this means a couple of stolen evenings with my grandchildren.

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Life is fleeting as we all now, but when you are truly spending time with children it is magical. You have no choice but to stay in the moment and enjoy every second.

The way the eyelashes hide a certain look or the smile of a child who just lost two teeth. The nose that wrinkles up when they laugh too hard or the sweet way brothers and sisters say goodnight to each other.

Sitting on the floor you realize they want nothing more than to just be with you, fully engaged, laughing, telling stories and dreaming of big magical dreams.

Then to see our children as spouses and parents make you wonder how time passed so quickly. These are the moments that you realize that somewhere, while you were stumbling and making mistakes every day, God thought you worthy of the most precious of gifts — family.

I am truly blessed.