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When It’s Not in the Cards

Day 183

Today started on a high note. Meditation was awesome. I am finding that 45 minute sweet spot when my brain stops all the chatter. Now I see why people want to meditate longer.

I worked outside again this morning. I planted sunflowers and milkweed for the butterflies.

All day I looked forward to attending a writers’ group meeting in Asheville with a friend. I left home half an hour early to give myself plenty of time to find parking.

Unfortunately, as soon as I got on the highway, traffic came to a complete stop. There was an accident ahead and all three lanes of traffic were at a standstill. It took me a full hour to get to the next exit and I knew I would not make it all the way to Asheville in time. I called my friend to cancel and turned around to come home.

At home I found my internet and WiFi down. Some things were just not in the cards today. I am always mindful that I was fortunate to get home safely when someone else had been in a traffic accident. I am counting my blessings.

Now to see if I can post this through my cellular data and call it a day.

15 thoughts on “When It’s Not in the Cards”

    1. This stretch of highway has always been problematic and traveled by a large number of semis. Accidents are far too common. I am just accepting that it simply was not meant to be.

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    1. I listened to your voicemail. It sounded lovely and I am sure I would have enjoyed the discussion. I was looking forward to seeing you again as a writer and friend.

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  1. Ironically, the email for this post had an ad with a woman holding two credit cards and offering to tell me which one have the best rates. I thought you planned it that way 🙂

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    1. Oh my. No that would not be me. I despise credit cards. I would be more likely be touting the life of living more with less. Have you seen any of those? I know, doubtful. Ads are another reason I consider self hosting my blog.

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  2. Sounds like your meditation steered you well, Maggie, in being grateful you arrived home safely in spite of missing the meeting. Some days are just like this. Great that you planted milkweed and sunflowers…butterflies to come, yay.

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