Spring Gardening

Day 182

Today marks the halfway point of my goal to blog every day for a year. I thought there was no better way to celebrate this milestone than to share some photos of my day in and around the garden.

Gardening is hard work — especially after the winter we had. Our trees lost a lot of branches from some very heavy snow. Hubby had already cleared the large branches away. Today I cleared the smaller pieces and we have a 4′ high pile of broken limbs to deal with. I decided not to share photos of the hard part of the gardening so as not to discourage anyone. 😊

After the branches were gathered, I proceeded to scrape moss off our brick walkway. Last year was a very unusually wet year here (90+- inches of rain). The result was water standing for much longer periods of time. The moisture added to the shade from some large trees and overgrown bushes were the perfect environment for moss. We try not to use pesticides and weed killers so we can have a pollinator-friendly environment. I scraped until my arms gave out – more scraping later this week.

There is a lot of clean-up to accomplish after the winter months. Leaves to rake and raised gardens to clear and fortify with new material before planting. We do have one of our gardens planted with lettuce and spinach and broccoli. Soon new herbs and tomatoes will be planted and the growing season will be off to a good start.

I also noticed there were bees making use of our ‘bee house’. I could not see what type of bee but I did snap a picture of the house.


My morning meditation had me in a funk. A good day outside in the sunshine and the dirt really helped change my outlook. It turned out to be a fantastic day.

Happy 6-month ‘blogiversary’ to me!


13 thoughts on “Spring Gardening”

    1. It was very cathartic, Lisa. I am worried the Carolina wrens think our pile of branches and limbs might make a superb nesting location.


    1. No, this house is intended for solitary native bees. It is our first year having one so we shall see how it goes.


  1. I can’t wait to get some energy back so I can get in my garden. While many have wonderful large areas I have my little sections of bliss with plants I love. I adore your bee house. I have never seen one before.

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    1. Our area is primarily woodland. I thought about you yesterday and am hoping you will do a ‘how-to’ blog on your bowling balls. I have a perfect spot for one.

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