He Said, She Said

I am happy to reblog this post by Holland Rae. What a great lesson in writing dialogue with really helpful examples. Thank you for sharing and helping to make us all better writers.

Holland Rae, Writer

valentine-candy-626446__340After free write, I begin the creative writing classes I teach with a question – what is stopping you from writing this week? As poets, novelists, journalist, short story tellers and everything in between, we run across a myriad of unique and ever-evolving challenges on the path toward our best stories and discussing what those challenges are is a great way to learn from other writers and find a way through.

One of my students this past week, had a particularly astute question, especially for a young author. 

“How do I make my character’s dialogue not feel like it’s in a white, blank room?”

Dialogue comes naturally for some and last for others, but it’s one of the most important parts of any book and I thought I’d touch upon a few of the most effective ways to nail relatable, informative and readable dialogue.

Use Action Tags

To answer…

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