Change Your View – Change The World

Day 168

I changed where I sit to drink my morning coffee. Seems like a tiny change but what a difference this small change has made in my life.

I was sitting on a wide over-stuffed chair. It is soft and comfy but too soft – like the 3-bears too soft. It was causing pain in my back and rib cage. From where I was sitting I had a perfect view of all the chores demanding my attention.

So, I simply changed my location.

I now sit on one of my favorite pieces of furniture. On the table beside my chair is a beautiful lamp that holds great memories for me. I face the fireplace which reflects the birds and the outdoors into the room.

I no longer have a view of the kitchen and the chores on my To Do list. I see the hand-painted cardinal our granddaughter made for us. I can see the blooms on the cactus that once belonged to my sister. On the mantlepiece are photos of all six of our grandchildren.

In this chair my back faces the windows and the morning sun beaming through the glass warms my shoulders — it feels divine.

It’s just like music I think. If you never listen to anything other than what you always listen to, you’ll never learn to like something new.

There was a time in my life that I did not care for songs sung acapella style. That changed when I stopped to listen to the music that exists inside the human instrument.

So, make a change of scenery and enjoy the view. Together maybe we really will change the world.