Things I Resist

Day 167

I am resistant. There — I said it.

Some resistance is good, some signal avoidance, and frankly, some things do not fit in my personal goals for my life.

I want to examine my resistance and start to flush out my thoughts and ideas.

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Am I Resistant to Change?

I am not afraid of change, but of course, it depends on what I am trying to change. Years ago I decided to go on Weight Watchers. I was active in the workforce and went faithfully every Monday during my lunch hour. I lost 25 pounds, reached my goal, and became a lifetime member. Then I dropped it. I was tired of counting points. It was the only attempt at any type of dieting I have ever tried.

Recently, hubby and I made some lifestyle changes in the foods we choose, how much we cook at home, and we added some much-needed exercise back into our lives. Now I have lost weight and feel better without feeling like I am dieting. This has been an easy change.

I welcome other areas of change in my life. I am not afraid to try new things. I was not afraid of retiring or moving to a completely different life in another state, so I don’t think it is change I’m resistant to. I love this new phase of my life and have so many dreams for this time.

Blogging and Writing

I see a lot of my fellow-bloggers take on a lot of challenges for their blogs and their writing. I do one and have resisted all the others. Not because I do not find them interesting or challenging, but because, for me, it stifles my thoughts and the reason I chose to blog in the first place.

I do think I am resisting working in earnest on a story I have brewing. I am recognizing it as the voice of my inner critic, but I cannot shut her up! I know the storyline is powerful and I know I can make it come to life. But still, I resist. I think I resist because I still fear failing. What if no one else appreciates it the way I do?

So, instead of writing, I am allowing classes by other writers whom I respect, to fill my days and my writing time. Resistance!

Digital Entertainment

We canceled our cable TV service about a month ago in favor of a much cheaper streaming service. I still have shows to watch — and I do watch — but I do not spend nearly as much time in front of the TV now.

Facebook. Grrrrrrrrr. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. It is THE predominant way I stay in touch with my family and close friends. But it is so much more than that. It is a time-suck and an invasion of privacy. Today I decided to start culling down my Facebook friends list. I’m not even sure I know all my friends! Isn’t that crazy?

Online news is the way I stay up with what is happening in the world. I gave up newspapers YEARS ago. But the news is so much less about news and so much more about advertising and marketing. I cannot trust one outlet so I have three or four I check every day or two.

So, where there is an alternative, I can easily change my digital habits. Some I do feel tied to, but at some time in the future, I may change more of these as well.


I have been intrigued by meditation for a long time. I tried it another lifetime ago, but I had no patience. Now I have ample time to sit with my thoughts and clear my thinking, but I am fighting it every step of the way. Maybe meditating would help clear the cobwebs and let me know why I am resistant.

Could I sit for an hour and be comfortable? Do I have thoughts and burdens I do not wish to address? Do I believe in meditation? I do not have the answers to any of these questions but I know I am resistant to even try it again.

The Answer?

I don’t have one right now. I guess that is the reason for this post. I do think I will examine my thoughts around resistance over the next few weeks and just see what shakes out. I hope it’s my internal critic – she is wretched.



4 thoughts on “Things I Resist”

  1. I hope you try meditation. I think it is cathartic. I could never get rid of cable. I need the noise as a filter in my life. I admire your new exercise routine. I tried WW and it drove me crazy. I am working on better eating and no junk food. It has been a challenge and I won’t know until next week if I have had any success. Good job on seeing resistance as a part of who you are. I think we are all resistant to some things.

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    1. I guess there is no need to deny it as long as we do not let it always win. I am really considering trying meditation again. Hope your reduction of junk food does well for you.


  2. My internal critic used to be absolutely berating. Ugh. I had to gag that bitch. She rarely gets a word in now.
    I don’t resist change when I call the shots. In muddy transitions, when I don’t know when X change will end, I suffer. (Which is why I need more practice, obvs.)
    When you start meditation, don’t aim for an hour. Try videos or audios or some books or poses, indoors, outdoors — see what feels good to you and start short.

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  3. Could resistance just be our own fear rising to the surface? Maybe. It just seems like that is often the case for me. Thank you for the meditation advice. I hope my resistance fades and I can actually settle into trying.


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