Sunday Summary

Day 165

It’s the close of the day and as has become my bad habit of late, I have pushed my blog to the very last moment. So, all I have time for tonight is to just summarize and look forward to tomorrow.


  • First of all, Darren, if you are reading out there in ‘bloggery world’, you have been in my thoughts today. I know it was a difficult day. You may never know how much your honesty does for so many other people.
  • Thank you to my friend, Lauren, who allowed me to experience the world of Kyle Cease. I’m in early in Love Rising, kicking and screaming with resistance all the way, but I am learning so much about me. More to come on this topic.
  • I am so saddened by the violence in New Zealand. All I know to do is love more fiercely and support diversity even more strongly than before.
  • To my friend, Kim: Thank you for your lovely response to my email this weekend.
  • I did not do anything for St. Patrick’s day and I did not wear green today.
  • I’ve been revising my blog format. More to come on this topic as well.
  • I saw lots of wild trilliums growing alongside the road as I took my walk on Friday. Posted several photos on Instagram. They are beautiful.
  • Went to the Guitar Show in Asheville Saturday with hubby. Took lots of pictures. I don’t play but I appreciate those who do. Also posted these on Instagram.
  • Went to Jesse Israel and Sons garden center Saturday and bought a number of different lettuce plans to put in our raised garden. I can taste spring.
  • My redbud and dogwood trees are starting to bloom. The redbuds always remind me of my sister.
  • This week is Grandparent’s Day at my grandson’s school. Looking forward to going and seeing all he has been doing in school this year.
  • I am missing my Florida family but am so thankful for the technology that allows me to video chat them frequently.


I am closing this night and weekend thankful and reminded of how big and beautiful this world is. I am looking forward to the week ahead.

Goodnight, my friends.