Extended Power Outage

Day 163

I postponed this blog because we had a power outage around 5:30 pm. It was to be repaired about 9:45 pm. The estimate has now extended to 5:00 am.

We have a generator but we cannot run it that long. So, it is time to put a little blog up and bundle up and get some sleep. We will power the generator off and get up in a few hours and start it again just to keep the food in the fridge ok. Thankfully it is supposed to be reasonably warm overnight.

The outage is evidently due to an auto accident. I am praying that everyone is ok.

Goodnight blog world.

6 thoughts on “Extended Power Outage”

  1. Bummer. We had an outage the other night. We live on the better side of the street, meaning the other side of our street loses power A LOT and we do not. Ours flickers and I scream Noooo! and it comes back on. My mother says we’re on the same grid with the schools and the fort, but I’m not sure we are.
    Anyway, the other day it went out and came on and flickered a few times and went out for about an hour. It got a bit chilly in here, but it was daylight, so we read. Soon after it went out we heard many, many sirens of various sorts of emergency vehicles, so I suspected the same thing. Someone hit a pole or a box and zap! Sure hope you stay warm and it’s back on when you rise 🙂

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    1. Our power was off for about 9 hours. It came back around 2:30 am. Now our cell tower is down. Ha! Such is life in the mountains.


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