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I Do Not Miss Working

Day 159

I was fortunate to work in areas that I truly loved. Not all my jobs were my favorite and some of them were less than glamorous. Regardless, I generally enjoyed the work I was paid to do.

Visiting here with family reminds me what work life was like. Alarm clocks before daylight — even after those sleepless nights, the commutes in traffic and way too often there were accidents along the way.

Then waking children way before they are ready to get up is yet another challenge. You do a good bit of work before you ever walk out the door.

Add to that the endless list of tasks, all pressing with the same urgency each and every day. Ugh.

I like working, but I don’t like going to work.

I like reaping the benefits of my work life.

I like that I can decide to stay home on a rainy day if I choose.

I like taking vacations without asking permission.

I like going to the movies or the mall in the middle of the week.

I like eating lunch when I am hungry and not because ‘it’s time’.

I like taking naps any time the mood strikes me.

And I really like sleeping in…

Yep, I think I like this retirement gig ok.

6 thoughts on “I Do Not Miss Working”

  1. I spent most of 15 years at home with kids, worked some part-time off and on, and I’m really glad to be back at work all the way. Similarly, I am glad I spent my time that way then but no longer want to do that. I presume at some point I will want to reverse gears again. I hope I will be able to 🙂

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