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Jumping on the Time Change Bandwagon

Day 157

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I saw a lot of posts go up today about the time change. I thought I would add my two cents worth since there was nothing else much on my mind.

I am visiting family in Florida. For me, just the change in weather has an effect on me. Today, everyone slept in, except most of us had the same amount of sleep. It just felt weird to see the clocks already set ahead. I almost felt a little lazy.

I think my granddaughter has shown the most impact. She slept much later this morning. Most likely a combination of time change, teething and a lot of excitement with her new playmate named Grandma.

Tonight was tough getting her to sleep. Keeping a toddler on schedule when the daylight and the time changing is challenging. Everything and everyone must be adjusted before 6:00 am waking tomorrow. Seems cruel on a little one and equally as difficult on her parents trying desperately to make it all run like clockwork.

Even with the crazy time change day, I am thoroughly enjoying my visit. Grandchildren are truly a gift. Their innocence, love, and trust is humbling. I just know I am blessed to be loved by such a tiny little being. I am so fortunate to have a week with my new shadow.

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