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The Miracle of Air Travel

Day 155

Thursday I got on a plane and flew south. Within a two hours I was with my daughter’s family and cuddling my youngest grandchild.

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It is a delight to be able to see my family frequently and having access to a reasonably priced airline is a godsend.

Air travel is not glorious. The scanner lit my body scan up like a Christmas tree which meant I had to go through an almost full-body pat down. In addition, they also swiped my hands looking for — who knows? But, after a 15 minute delay I was on my way to the gate.

After boarding I donned my noise cancelling headphones and watched the first episode of the final season of House of Cards. Luckily it was available for download to my iPad so I could enjoy it while in flight.

I wrote about traveling in this blog post back in 2010. It is not like it once was for sure. It used to be almost magical.

What still resonates, however, is that joy of a quick trip with family. I have a week of cuddles to look forward to and you cannot put a price on that!

6 thoughts on “The Miracle of Air Travel”

  1. Lovely to have a short flight to Florida! Air travel is definitely not what it was, when we were younger, and air travel was still in its golden era. I remember a special trip to Dallas on Braniff, complete with special blankets, that we got to keep. Nothing like that now — at least noise-cancelling headphones make even LONG flights somewhat tolerable.

    Enjoy the time with your FL family group!

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    1. Lisa, those were better days. Blankets and pillows were the norm. Airlines had all the current magazines. I did note that most of the planes are new enough so as not to have ashtrays in the armrests any longer. My tray was so tiny, just big enough for a snack perhaps. But you cannot beat an hour flight to get you to Florida.


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