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Alternative Healing

Day 150

Aches and pains seem to increase with this aging process. Every week there is some new little aggravating thing to contend with. In my head, I’m still in my 40’s, but a quick creak of the bones puts that fantasy to rest.

Some of it is self-inflicted. For example, when I had several months of recurring bouts of vertigo, I changed the way I sleep. The first vertigo attack came on early in the morning while I was sleeping. I thought sure I was having a stroke. The type of vertigo I have is called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. My first attack was violent. The room felt as if it was spinning 100 mph and I was helpless to stop it.

I won’t go into all the details about my treatment other to say that I no longer allow myself to sleep on my right side. As a result, I have body aches from lying in one position all night long. And that brings me to my discussion on alternative treatments to treat arthritis pain, vertigo or aches associated with climbing up there in years.


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My daughter gave me a reiki session when I went to see her last fall. She said my chakras were way out of kilter (my word, not hers). It did seem to help a lot. Next week I am going to visit again and she has promised another Reiki session while I am visiting for which I am so thankful.

She suggested I try a session with their acupuncturist after I have my Reiki session with her. More about acupuncture below.

Chiropractic Care

I have always thought about seeing a chiropractor. I have an unfounded fear of a chiropractor breaking my old brittle bones. My granddaughter gets frequent adjustments but her chiropractor only does ART ( active release technique) which deals with soft tissue. People either love or hate chiropractors. I am always unnerved when I read the disclaimers saying improper chiropractic care can cause serious neck injuries or herniated disc injuries if done improperly. Yikes!


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I know very little about cupping except that my granddaughter, a serious swimmer, also has this treatment. It looks horrible and leaves a terrible mark for days. I am not sold on this one. When my daughter-in-law had it for the first time, it caused a vertigo attack. That, in itself, is enough for me to say no.


I am not a fan of needles, but this I have given a great deal of consideration. I know people who swear acupuncture healed their vertigo. I also know people who have acupuncture as an ongoing treatment for chronic pain and they say it helps them a great deal.


Recently, the idea of sensory deprivation through floating has come to my attention. When I read that one hour of floating is the equivalent of four hours of sleep, it piques my interest. I watched a short video where a journalist was monitored by a doctor while floating. At the end of the 60 minutes, brain wave activity had slowed down as had respiration and heart rate – dramatically. I have a friend that swears by it, so it’s on my radar of things to consider. I do worry about it setting off my vertigo.

Time to Weigh In

I tend to resort to more Western medicine with the addition of things like massage and Reiki. But I am curious about other methods. So, if you have tried any of these alternative therapies, I would be interested in hearing about your experience.

19 thoughts on “Alternative Healing”

  1. Maggie, this was a very interesting post. I have had a lot of chiropractic and accupuncture in my life and found it very beneficial. I can no longer afford to do them but I would if my situation ever changed to allow it. BUT I wanted to tell you what I have been doing that is remarkable. I started putting a scoop of collagen peptide powder in my coffee in the morning a month ago. It is good for an amazing number of things, especially if you are older, does a lot of good for skin, hair, nails, etc, but the most amazing thing is how it helps pain, joints, etc. I got my first two jars on a special of get one free and just pay shipping. For some reason they sent me 2! So I had enough for my first two months. I have done a lot of research since then and found the one I am going to buy that is highly rated and a really good price if you get the large bag.

    Here is the link to what I will be ordering next:

    I am seeing positive benefits but the most remarkable is that it got so that my feet hurt so badly when I was walking Molly, like the bones in my feet, like terrible arthritis, very painful. 1 month on the collagen I am pain free! I am amazed. And I have read many testimonials about it that are truly remarkable. It has also helped my sleep so much I pretty much sleep through the night with NO medication. I’m sold on it. And I just went ahead and bought the above now to have it because the price went down!

    You can read about collagen (Powder to take internally, NOT the expensive creams and such.) I will take it ongoing.



    P.S. There’s tons of information about it online but here’s a good article to kind of give you an overview. Many anti-aging benefits!

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    1. Maitri, thank you so much for this information. I will definitely look into it because I have a lot of aches and pains that have gradually increased with the passage of time. Ain’t that a kicker? What a wonderful benefit of sleep, too. I know how badly your feet hurt you, so finding something that alleviates that pain is amazing. I’m so thankful you found it and shared it with me. And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’ve missed you!

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      1. You are so welcome dear Maggie, we’re in this together, right? 🙂 We need to share these things and help one another. I’m sending this info to my kids and Rachel is interested in trying it. We just have to keep holding hands as we go through life. I’m holding yours dear one…

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  2. I have acupuncture every week. It has been a life saver and has given me the ability to lose my cane which I needed due to 20 years of plantar fasciitis. I see my chiropractor every two weeks because of cost, I prefer every week. When I started I was so over the top in pain from my fibromyalgia that the treatment was extremely gentle and passive. I have come so far and get so much pain relief it is awesome. I tried the cupping and it was so over the top painful I had to stop. Along with the fibro I have OA and RA so I need to listen to my body.

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    1. Sorry I somehow kicked myself off. Reiki was done at the beginning of my chiro treatments also. It is so calming. I have recently added Salon Pas roll on to my arsenal. I have never tried floating. It looks so interesting and I firmly believe in its effectiveness. My concern is my terrible claustrophobia. All I know is that while I am in pain always, I was also with so many frightening medications so why not try alternatives to see if they work. I am always looking for alternatives that work for me. Good luck in your search for better health with less pain.

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    2. I just hate finding a new physician of any type. I would love to find someone who could help me with some of the discomfort, but I don’t know where to begin. I hesitate trying anything away from home and between airplane flights for fear of a vertigo trigger. It is encouraging to hear that you have achieved such relief.


  3. I have practiced some Reiki and had Reiki done unto me several times and experienced good results. I would put this right up there with foot reflexology. It just feels good during and after. I can’t say pain shifted, more like I had increased energy and less tension. A lightness. Like meditating without actually doing it. Massage kills me, foot reflexology is great for me.
    I have your vertigo, too 😦 I’d love to try acupuncture, have wanted to for years — hadn’t even known it could help the vertigo as well. I do the head exercises when it acts up. I’ve been told the crystals in my ears might well line up again one day and it may be like I never had vertigo. but that has NOT happened. Eleven years of vertigo. It has gotten better. It’s terrible though. I find it’s incredibly embarrassing. Very restrictive. If it’s at all comforting, I swim regularly, including floating in the pool and not once has this caused me a vertigo episode.
    I am 45 and I, too, avoid medication. I’m so sensitive and reactive, I will do just about anything to avoid daily meds.

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    1. Joey, thank you for the information. It is comforting to know you swim and float with no ill effects. I’m so sorry you have suffered from vertigo for 11 years. It can be so debilitating. I’m glad it has at least gotten better. I’d love to hear more about foot reflexology. What do you use it for – anything specific or just general well-being?

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      1. So I came pretty close to a breakdown as mental illness (anxiety disorder) can also affect one’s body (already with the OA and RA) and relaxation isn’t something I’m good at, so my dr said I had to engage in spa services like massage, which sounded nice, but then I was too tense to enjoy it and it hurt me and so the massage therapist who had really tried suggested foot reflexology. The premise is that all the body is represented in the feet and by manipulating the feet, you can affect the whole body. For me, this seems to be true. It’s 30 minutes of intense foot massage. It does drastically change my energy. I believe in the chi. It frees up my chi, everything flows well for days after, and that reduces pain. This is why I want to try acupuncture — reportedly the effects last longer. With the foot thing, there are definitely spots that feel better than others, and they DO correspond to ailing parts of my body. I’m a believer.

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    1. Marge, I would say to Google it. Look for a Reiki Master who has good reviews. There are often community Facebook groups you can join that may provide suggestions or references.


  4. Hi. So I had acupuncture with GREAT success for about three years. She gave me back my life…..I had debilitating pain in my right hip and knees and back from my gait being off. I know that it totally depends on the skill of the therapist. My Kim, who has since moved to WA was amazing!
    She also did cup pin on my upper and mid back. It REALLY helped my muscles from my fibromyalgia pain,as did the acupuncture.
    Reiki only helped me with one therapist, but I know Mel is VERY talented and she will do wonders!
    Chiropractic was so scary because my neck has been so bad for over 40 years. I haven’t had it for at least 35+ years, and I assume the methods are less scary but I won’t risk it again….for myself…….just my own preference!
    That’s all I tried. The floating sounds neat but I’m claustrophobic too! Ugh!

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    1. I thought you had mentioned acupuncture. Has Joe tried it for his back? I am very wary of chiropractic care just because my neck is a wreck. I am still not sure about cupping. If it could cause a vertigo attack I am not going to risk that.


  5. Hi Maggie,
    Such an interesting read about alternative healthcare.
    Over the years I have tried various approaches for different things but of course receiving overall positive responses in a holistic way.
    I have used massage, reiki, reflexology and acupuncture.
    As I have got older I have found acupuncture & Chinese massage to be the most effective.
    My first introduction to acupuncture was following my mother’s r.i.p. death four years ago. I called in for a free consultation as I was experiencing discomfort under my breast. The Dr said the pain was in my liver due to trapped emotion following my bereavement. He reassured me, advising me to drink plenty water and if the discomfort continued to see my doctor as it could be shingles. I respected that he was aware of his professional boundaries & not professing to be all things to all men.
    The discomfort subsided and initially I cried during the sessions. I have gone on to receive effective treatments.
    I am always however open to receipt of other therapies.

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