Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Day 147

Today would be my parents’ 71st anniversary had they lived. It is hard to imagine my parents in their 90’s. My mom was 46 when she died and my father just barely 65. That’s startling when I think I will be 65 this year.

Growing up, living past the age of my mother when she passed was a major milestone for me.

Imagining How it Would Have Been

Sometimes I let my mind wander, imagining how it would have been had they lived longer. My mother never met her grandchildren. My Dad did, but not any of his great-grandchildren.

I think these children would have changed them in a positive way. I know they changed me.

My Dad was an only child. I did see some of my mom’s siblings later in life. It was surreal knowing my mom would be forever a middle aged woman who would never grow any older.

Had my mother not had cancer, I wonder how she would have approached old age. I wonder if I would have been their caretaker. Those are hard roles but one I would have taken on without question.

Happy Anniversary

I hope I will always remember their anniversary. I miss them both terribly and wish we had been fortunate enough to have more time together.

I was a lucky girl. I had all the love they had to give. It’s the way they loved and the way they taught me to love.

I don’t know any other way.


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  1. Happy anniversary in Heaven! I’ll bet they’re having a big party. Your Mom has such a joyous smile in this picture. So sorry you lost them way too early in life. 💔

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