My Blog Was Blocked

Day 135-2

I have been sharing various blogs on FaceBook for years. I have a number of people who follow me from my FB posts.

Today when I tried to upload the link to Saturday’s blog from my phone, I kept getting a nondescript error and the message to try again later.

So, several hours later again I tried. This time from a different device. The error I received was that the link would not be published because it violated community guidelines. Head scratch moment.

I did some research to discover I was not the only person to have received this message. One suggestion was to go through a debugger which I did. I received the same message there which was not at all helpful.

So, I delved into the community guidelines. The only plausible possibility was that I had shared something in my blog that someone else owned. YouTube videos did not make much sense because I can share those same videos on FB directly. Quotes and written word were always credited.

I submitted a form asking them to look into this, but I do not ever expect to hear from anyone. I even went so far as to see if Google had blacklisted me, but nope! I got an A rating.

So, later this evening I attempted to ❤️ a friend’s Instagram post. I could not. I received a message stating I had a link in my profile (this blog) that ‘they’ were trying to protect their users from (or words to that effect). I removed the link and Voila! I could ❤️ to my heart’s content.

I put a post up telling my friends they would need to follow my blog directly. It was then that I noticed all 135 days of linking to this blog and all the comments had disappeared from my FB profile.

A few friends contacted me on Messenger to get the link to my blog and — you guessed it — I could not put the URL in messenger either.

So, I am in FB jail or blog jail or at the very least grounded for some reason still unknown to me. And honestly, if I did something wrong, just tell me and maybe restrict the hundreds of unrestricted ads that are forced into my timeline every day…

I have been minimizing my time on social media and talked about cutting back even more. Maybe now is the time.


8 thoughts on “My Blog Was Blocked”

  1. I’m speechless! I think its Tr—p!! He’s to blame for everything bad……..I think he’s taking over and limiting everything!! Lol…..( I’m only half kidding!! )

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    1. I try not to get political here and I know you are half kidding. I do think there is a much-too-late purge going on from what I’ve been reading. I just know I’ve had my wings clipped.

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  2. I have been dialing back on my FB time once again, as I have been starting to feel the same things that encouraged me to walk away from it in 2017. I’m super tempted to leave it altogether. Right now I’m “logged off” and in no hurry to jump back on.

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    1. I understand just what you mean. I am definitely weighing my options. I think it is the groups I am in that I would miss most of all.It’s funny when you first go on Facebook you think, look at all the friends I lost over the years until you realize there was a reason you did not stay in touch all those years!

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    1. Yes, but I am willing to give it a bit to see if there is some explanation. I am backing up my data though – just in case. I remember several years ago someone posted a video of an infant being hurt. I reported it and FB came back and told me it did not violate their community standards. I was shocked and should have known then that we were in a downward spiral.

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  3. Maggie, I just realized that I haven’t received via email any of your recent posts (2/7 was the last one). Very peculiar. I’ll sign up again. And totally aggravating with FB. I hope that you’ll be able to sort things out.

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