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Cutting the Digital Apron Strings

Day 118

It is a gorgeous day here in the foothills. The sun is shining enough to warm up the house and take the edge off our 36° F morning walk. Days like this remind me how grateful I am to be alive. Our brisk walk has become the time we chat about the upcoming day and anything weighing heavy on our minds. It is a nice release.

I have slowly been reducing my time on Facebook and it has been healthy for me. When I do visit, I am reminded how blindly we have given our trust to the unknown people, faces, and companies that manage all the data we so willingly hand over. As bloggers, I suppose we make a decision to open our lives to the world, but social media can be a different animal.

Last night I checked in when I posted the link to my blog. There it was — an ugly discriminating and completely false story. These things used to rile me up and get me on the defensive. I have learned to walk away and discharge the emotion this junk is designed to stir up. I have evolved. 😉

My mind went back to the 1980’s movie TRON. A bit cheesy perhaps, but for 1982 when Pong and Pac-Man were major influences in early gaming, it made its mark. I went back and watched a few of the trailers and the PacMan and Pong references are very present. For me, however, the cautionary undertone of the movie was telling. “…the ultimate tool will become the ultimate enemy.”

So, I spend my time reading and writing and weening myself from the social giants. I am absorbing the sunshine and watching the birds and slowly cutting these digital apron strings by which we all seem to be tethered.


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