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I Need Your Input

Day 85

Today has been a relaxed day even though another day of heavy rains. I woke up around 7:00 am but then allowed the rain to lull me back to sleep. Since waking the second time, I have been relaxing, doing a few chores and doing some research. If you follow and read, or happen to stumble upon my blog, I’d love to ask for some input.

Why I’m Blogging

I have been a blogger both personally and professionally for years. I love the outlet it gives me when thoughts swirl around in my head. This particular blog, however, was started as part of a challenge out of an online writing class I was taking. The challenge was to blog for 365 days straight.

Well, I have not yet missed a day, although a couple of my blogs were delayed when we had a snow storm and no power, internet or cell service for three days. Today is my 85th day of blogging every day.

It has been good for me to come here and blog every day. Some of my recent posts have been very short as we found our way through the death of my mother-in-law. Regardless, I was here and I made the effort every day.

My Dilemma

My New Writing Muse – Humphrey

If you are a follower of my blog, I am wondering if publishing a blog every day for a year is too much. Today I have read that many people unsubscribe from blogs because if it is too much it becomes almost spam-like. I certainly don’t want that.

I, myself, follow a number of blogs and I do get emails when they are published. Some days I may have 15 or 20 emails and other days I may only get a few. Some of the blogs I read faithfully — regardless of whether I am subscribed or not.

While I know I can continue to blog every day for 365 days, is this what I should be doing? Now that I am focused on some writing classes and joining some writing groups, I know I will be writing every day. In the beginning, the idea of blogging every day was for me. Now I’m wondering if this is the right fit for me. Maybe twice a week is better.

Here’s Where You Come In

If you read my blog, I would like to ask you to take a moment and let me know your thoughts. Are you tired of getting an email or notification every day? I read a suggestion that a newsletter is a better option than writing a blog every day, but that seems too business-like for me.

After all, I really blog for myself but do enjoy the interaction with those who read my blog. Some comment here and others on social media where I share the link to my blog. I love that people are reading but annoying my readers is not my goal.

So, if you don’t mind, take a minute to weigh in and let me know what you think. I value your opinion.

“And so I write. I write my life. I write to escape real life. I write to live moments over again. I write to rewrite the moments I’ve lived over in a way that makes more sense to me. I write the moments to heal. I write the moments I hope never happen. And I write the moments I hope will happen.” 
R.B. O’Brien




19 thoughts on “I Need Your Input”

  1. 🙂 Blog as often as you like. Those people who truly appreciate you will not unsubscribe from your blog.

    For the record, it is true that there are people who will unsubscribe from a blog by a person who blogs daily (But, it is more a case of a person blogging multiple times a day).

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  2. I adore reading your blog. I feel I get to know you better. It is never an imposition or a nuisance. That being said my blog is something I am doing to keep writing. You are already an accomplished dedicated writer whom I admire. If blogging is not bringing you joy or a sense of accomplishment then cut back on the days you blog. Your blog should be for you first. I will keep reading as often as you write. Lots of hugs.

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    1. Thanks, Lauren. I am feeling like I will continue with my blog until it just doesn’t feel right anymore. I am glad we are taking this journey together.


  3. I’m with Lauren. Your daily posts are excellent — I always like reading them.

    But, I’ve never followed blog posts on a daily basis before, but have wanted to keep up with the 365 day challenge folks, so had signed up for the email feed. So “normal” blog readers probably find daily posts a lot — you’ve a lot of followers which is great — obviously, people are enjoying reading your posts, as Lauren and I have.

    I’ve had thoughts like yours — it’s useful to post daily on one’s blog as an exercise, but I’d like to have more time to focus my creative energy elsewhere, too.

    And it’s the time that I spent writing posts, now that I’m thinking about it, that are my primary creative time. Even though I’m “retired”- it’s always hard to carve out time for doing something “for me” — as you wrote about.

    I’ll be glad to read your posts whenever you post them!

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    1. I enjoy writing, Lisa, or else this daily blogging might be a burden. I just did not want it to be a burden to anyone who might be reading. And yes, carving out time to do all the things we enjoy takes some delicate balancing at times.


  4. Maggie we started this 365 day challenge together… and if you Simpson ly wrote “hi, nothing to say today” I would read your words without hesitation…

    I personally dont care what you write, I love hearing from uou no matter what your thoughts or feelings are…

    Your blog for me is like our everyday telephone call… xxx

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    1. Thank you, Tanya. What a sweet sentiment. I know this blogging challenge has brought many of us closer together and that is a good thing. I am just feeling my way through it all.


  5. Maggie, I just found this post of yours. I, for one, enjoy the daily connection with you. However, you ought to do what feels correct to you and suits you. That’s all. Memarge:)

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  6. I just happened to be lurking and saw your request for input. Short answer: if you’re doing the blog daily because it makes your heart happy, then don’t change it to meet others’ unexpressed needs. Your tribe will find you. If you’re doing it to check the box of obligation because you said you would, and it no longer makes your heart happy, then stop and drop the undue concern for a faceless audience’s unexpressed needs. Love you and your writing!

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  7. Maggie honey, I am just now able to respond because my dear best friend Jeffrey bought me a laptop for Christmas! I am just setting it up tonight as Annabelle sleeps beside me.

    I absolute agree, in short, with what Kim said when she said do it if it makes your heart happy. I am understanding, more and more, after having lived through the hardest year of my life, that life is just too damned short to feel pressured to do something if it doesn’t bring you joy. I continue, in this 2nd 365 day challenge, even on days when it has been impossibly hard, because for me it was something to hold onto, something that helped me feel tethered to life, at a time when it felt like all of life was falling apart. Inotherwords, it has served a purpose for me, and for that reason I continue. Many is the day I love doing it, but a great many days, since I started this 2nd challenge, it has simply been something for me to hold onto when I felt like I might go under for the last time.

    Do what brings you joy. Do what feels as though it has relevance in your life. Do it if it serves you. If it doesn’t, chuck it! As I said, life is too short to do something because we feel like we “have to.” Oh hell! After the year I’ve had I’m done with that.

    I haven’t been able to comment on your posts since the blood clot and not being able to sit at my computer but I will be able to comment more now. I do read your posts every day and love getting them, fyi, because you asked.

    Make 2019 the year Maggie does what MAGGIE wants to do for herself. Isn’t it time for us all? If not, why not? If not now, when? Indeed.

    I love you honey…


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    1. Maitri, it is so nice to see you more present online. What a wonderful gift you have received! I’m not sure how I will continue with the blogging but for now, I continue. I wanted to make sure I was not becoming ‘spam-like’ to those people who have chosen to follow me.

      I am certainly choosing joy in my life — I just finished an entire blog on the subject. There is more than enough sadness to go around, but in the corners of those sad days, joy still lives.

      I hope you continue to blog and if every day is best for you that is wonderful. It can be that thread that gets us through the day. If it is one day a week, that’s okay, too. I look forward to all our co-bloggers who took up this challenge regardless of how often they choose to write.

      I am enjoying watching you and Annabelle finding your way together. See? There’s that joy again!

      Be blessed, my friend!


      1. Thank you so much darling Maggie. Annabelle is an incredible blessing but the biggest blessing of all is the realization, the remembrance from the way that this all played out, Pugsley finally just letting go completely the day before Annabelle was coming to meet us, that God is ever present in our lives. God’s hand was in this, as it has been through so many things this very hard year. I am taking great comfort in that and I think it will help me move forward.

        I look forward to talking to you soon and moving through this new year with you my dear friend. I love you Maggie. Happy New Year honey…

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  8. I’ve done the blog every day thing a few times, and every time I’ve done it, my readership has increased. It doesn’t become a problem until you start blogging more than four times a day every single day. I unsubscribe when the number hits ten per day, unless I really like what they write.

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