Day 53

I just trashed the last two blog posts I wrote. I have a few things on my mind, but putting thoughts into words and making it cohesive just is not happening for me tonight. Perhaps it is not the right time because my thoughts were more serious in nature. So now, I switch gears for the third time. Let’s see how this goes.

Memories of My Children

Today I continued to unpack more Christmas decor. I found more ornaments and decorations that my children made throughout the years.

I cut open the tape, open the cardboard flaps and memories come pouring out. I can see my children — both small and delighted about all the excitement that surrounds Christmas. I can hear their young voices playing over and over in my head. It’s magical how the mind works. It is a gift to be able to hold on to the cherished memories and yet pack away those memories we wish to forget.

I vividly remember how proud my children were when they brought home creations they made with guidance from their very patient teachers. At the time, it seemed like they grew so slowly, but looking back, the time has flown. That’s the thing about life.

Frosty the Snowman

IMG_7894One of my oldest decorations is a ceramic Frosty. He’s designed to have a candle inside him, but I never put candles inside. It sat on the table as sort of a centerpiece.

At dinner, my children always had a 1-A-Day vitamin after they ate. I can still remember them feeding their vitamins to Frosty over and over until either they tired of it or mom intervened and made them take their vitamin.

Every Day is Special

All I have to share tonight is to tell you that every little moment is special. These moments become the memories that you hold close throughout your life. And when your children are grown and living on their own, these are the memories that will comfort and sustain you.

These are also the stories you will tell your grandchildren about their parents. They love to hear all about the times when their parents were young like they are.

“Parents, keep your children closer when they are young,
because they will keep you closer when you’re old” 
Zybejta Beta Metani’ Marashi



10 thoughts on “Frosty”

  1. Memories are always special. Thanks for yours. There was an interesting thread about blogging (among my garden blogging friends) today. (There’s been a huge drop-off from blogging to just FB, IG, and Twitter).

    I think the joy of blogging is about crafting a decently written post. About something that’s interesting to at least a few people (but fundamentally something that makes sense to us, as the writers of a post).

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    1. Thanks as always for reading, Lisa. I know blogs have dropped off. I think I do it for me and writing, as you say, something that is meaningful to the writer. I have been rather distressed reading about all the security and privacy violations on FB as of late. I am thinking seriously about parting ways there. So much to consider, so until then, I will blog my little heart out.

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  2. I appreciate your love of your memories. May the good ones keep your heart happy and may the sad ones be few. As we age it is our memories that we realize are so very important.
    Thank you for sharing.


    1. Frosty has been around for a bit! I almost have all our decorations out so we can put the boxes away! I don’t like the mess, but Iove the festive part once the decorating is complete.

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