The Perfect Christmas Tree

Day 50

Finding the perfect Christmas tree is a tradition in our house. When we lived in Florida all those years, it meant going to a tree lot where we found a Frasier Fir trucked in from the Carolinas or even further north. Now that we live in the Carolinas, we get to go select our tree from the farm and they cut it down for you, tie it, load it in the truck and you’re on your way.

Trees of Christmas Past

My Dad loved Christmas so much. He was quite a kid about it for as long as I can remember. He will resurface several times here in my blog as we get closer to Christmas.

Growing up, we had two trees — both artificial. If we ever had a fresh tree, I do not remember it. One tree was green, with branches that looked nothing like a real tree. The other — Dad’s favorite — was a 5′ silver tree. They were the rage at the time and Dad absolutely loved it. He put multi-colored glass ornaments on it. In addition to the ornaments, we had a spinning color wheel that sat on the floor and shone red, green, blue, and orange light on the tree. Everyone thought it was hideous except Dad.

Each branch was stored in a stiff brown paper sleeve and was color-coded to the location on the tiny cylindrical trunk where it should go. I can still remember the whoosh sound as the branch was pulled from the paper tube.

Today, these trees are considered vintage. You can buy one on eBay and other retro sales sites, but they are quite expensive now.

Trees of Christmas Present

IMG_7854Hubby and I have been married for 22 years and every year we buy a real tree. The first year we were married was the first time he had celebrated Christmas in his own home in a long, long time. That first tree was sentimental and big and full. It seems he always tries to find a tree that either meets or exceeds his memory of that first Christmas tree.

IMG_7865Today we got up and took our normal trek north toward Waynesville. It was a very cool morning and the wind was cold. We usually buy our tree at Mehaffey tree farm near Waynesville, NC. The drive up was beautiful and when we got just past Canton, we could see snow on the mountain tops. So exciting!

We tromped through the farm and finally came to a decision as to the best tree for us. We stood up on the hill for a long time waiting for the helpers to come and cut the tree for us. While they were tying the tree up, I paid for it and had my complimentary cup of hot cocoa. (I prefer apple cider but it wasn’t hot and in the low 40’s, my complimentary beverage needed to be hot!)


IMG_7871Once we arrived back home, the tree was trimmed up and carted into the house. It is a lot for the two of us to get an 11′ tree in the house but we did it. It takes a bit of time to get it straight in the stand, trim it up and then clean up the mess!

IMG_7872Finally, it was time to cut the twine off the tree and let it fall out. The water is in the tree and I am sure it will be gone by morning. After it gets nice and saturated we will start to put on the lights and the ornaments.

We don’t buy a lot of presents or shop a lot, so the tree and the decorations are what we do to keep us in the Christmas spirit. We will find a worthwhile cause to donate to and just sit and enjoy the ambiance of Christmas from now until the end of December.

Now We Enjoy

I hope that you have something in your life that also brings you this kind of joy. I am a Christian, but I am well aware that many of my close friends celebrate other holidays. I really love reading about their traditions and feel enriched by learning about how others spend this holiday season.

Now it’s raining and we are under a winter storm warning for ice and sleet. We have everything we need and there is no pressing reason for us to go anywhere. Now we just relax and enjoy!

“The Christmas tree is a symbol of love, not money. There’s a kind of glory to them when they’re all lit up that exceeds anything all the money in the world could buy.” 
Andy Rooney


5 thoughts on “The Perfect Christmas Tree”

  1. What a wonderful tree, Maggie! I look forward to seeing it decorated, too.

    Christmas is a special holiday, even for us secular folks. When we’ve been traveling at Christmas (most of our adult life) we’ve gone to masses in large churches in Rome, Hanoi, and Paris, as well as visiting small churches in places like Columbia, Mexico, and Peru on Christmas Eve. We even went to a Christmas dinner in a hill town in Southern India one year.

    But in recent years, not having our travels driven by winter break, we’ve enjoyed the holiday traditions here in the mountains, and are planning to do that again this year.

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    1. Lisa, what a rich life you have had in your travels. We have not been as fortunate, but the travels we have experienced were amazing. Even local travel in the U.S. enriches our lives. I remember the year we spent Thanksgiving in Santa Fe, Taos and Abiquiu. It was so beautiful.


  2. Oh the lovely memories. When I was first married I bought a silver tree with the rotating lamp from a thrift store. I believe in 1973 I paid three dollars for it. I sewed items for my baby. I made blocks out of milk cartons. I made toys from felt. While that was such a difficult time financially I loved the coziness and I adored my silver tree.
    Your tree is beautiful and I can tell your home is filled with warmth and love. It is indeed the joy of making memories and not what is under the tree. When the kids moved out and I no longer had trees I went all out and decorated for Hanukkah exclusively. My grand kids love coming for Hanukkah and often I get to visit them for Christmas.
    This hopefully being my last year of working, makes me realize that the gifts will be more selective and limited in the future. And that is OK for every thing there is a time and a season. This year I can donate to organizations and people.
    I celebrate joy, love, kindness, gratitude, and giving. Most of the people in my circle of influence also look for the goodness in others more than the religion they follow.
    Happy holidays Maggie.
    Gentle Hugs,

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    1. Oh, Lauren, what lovely memories you have. I saw one of the silver trees for sale on eBay for $350! I treasure the memories I have of homemade items, homemade ornaments from the children and just tons of simple memories. I am looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing about your Hanukkah Celebration. I am so thankful you are part of my life. 💕

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