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Nurturing Those We Love

Day 36

I came on this trip for a few reasons. First, because my daughter asked me, second because they needed some help for a few days and third because I wanted to see my granddaughter. Today she is in daycare so I can help Mommy out. I am so glad I could help.

Seasons Change – Or Do They?

It is 86 degrees F here today compared to 48 degrees F at home. The heat and humidity is harder to handle than at home. Hubby said there was talk of snow next week but I should be home for that. Nothing like the first snowfall of the year. ☃️

Here everything is still very green. There is not much in the way of noticeable season change here. I loved it when I first lived in this area, but I never realized how much I missed the season change until I was back further north. Of course little things like the warm weather with a pool are both very enticing.

So today is about helping out and just relaxing, taking my cue from the cats who love it when their ‘family’ is home.


One thing I do miss where I live is a good bagel shop. Today I was treated (courtesy of my beautiful daughter-in-law) to a French toast bagel from Einstein’s. It was soooo good. I guess knowing how much I love them it might be a good thing I do not have one too close to where I live.

Today I am so thankful for this visit. There is a lot of love here and I am so happy my granddaughter is growing up in such a warm, loving and peaceful home. That is the answer to every grandmother’s prayer.

“Love is something that you nurture every day and every single moment, with every breath you take.”
Angie Karan

10 thoughts on “Nurturing Those We Love”

  1. It sounds like a lovely family visit. Enjoy your time there (and the spurt of warmth, too) — interesting to have the first freeze ahead this weekend.

    P.S. Katie Button’s new bagel shop (Button & Co.) is knocking it out of the park as far as good authentic bagels — the seeded ones were equal to any I’ve had anywhere! It’s on the ground floor of the building Nightbell is in. She apparently missed authentic bagels so wanted to open her own shop!

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  2. So glad you are getting baby time as well as mommy time. And of course kitty time. Enjoy your moments as they really are so precious.
    I am so a bagel snob. Having said that I have never had or heard of a french toast bagel. We travel for an hour to get a bagel dog on the rare occasion that we are headed to Pasadena.
    It is warm here with high winds. So of course the kids are all windy crazy. Glad I planned an active lab today to keep them moving.
    I hope you continue to have a good time.

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    1. Thank you, Lauren. I am having such a good time and getting lots of baby hugs. I have already cried thinking about leaving. 😢 Hope you have a good weekend and are far from harms way with the fires.


  3. You sound like you are having a wonderfully beautiful time… enjoying the hugs ad spolls of having your Family around you…. poor hubby.. send him a photo of you with a sign saying “where the bloody hell are you” – aussie slang for come on over…


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