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Day 28

Today is November 1st and for many writers this signals the first day in a month-long quest to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I decided to try again this year and I have spent much of my day today writing.

Life Inside NaNoWriMo

IMG_7535November 1st is the first day of writing for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I have successfully completed 50,000 words a couple of times, but it was a long time ago. November is a busy enough month with Thanksgiving, fall festivities and the precursor to December holidays. This is what makes the challenge even more meaningful. If you can write 50,000 words in a very busy month, then maybe you CAN write a novel.

But there are always distractions. There are always family commitments, and as has often been the case in my life, family illness or distress. These things have caused me to give up in years past. But this year I feel different, so who knows?

Maybe I will succeed.

I am starting the month feeling under the weather, so that gives me a good excuse to have spent my day writing. But, hopefully I will start to feel better and that excuse will disappear.

This morning I saw my good friend and mentor lost her dog this morning. She had been working so hard to keep her precious dog healthy and thriving over the last week and I know this was a devastating blow. I have lost several pets that meant the world to me and I know how she must be feeling. My thoughts have drifted to her many times today. It is hard knowing how horribly sad she must be.

Blogging and Writing

IMG_7536I do not want my blogging to suffer, so I am planning out a schedule for when I will write so there are enough hours in the day to do the things I need to do — one of which is staying with this blog.

After I wrote this morning, I took a break and walked down to the mailbox. We live on a pretty steep hill, so the walk back can be challenging. I snapped a few pictures along the way. The fallen leaves are dry now and give off a very distinct crunch under your feet.

Fall and Nano

Fall and NaNoWriMo go hand-in-hand. As the summer starts to die out and fall takes over, it feels like I should be curled up somewhere writing. Coffee or hot cocoa in hand, I love taking this journey. The characters I create become my constant companions and I get lost in their lives.

I will be here faithfully fulfilling the promise I made to blog every day. You may hear a lot about writing over these next 30 days, but I am still happy to have you along for the ride.

Wish me luck!

“Writing is not just a process of creation. It is also a process of self-discovery” 
Cristina Istrati



7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo”

  1. A lovely post, Maggie, and all good wishes for your NaNoWriMo goal. Finally fall has come to the mountains and we can enjoy colorful leaves.

    I love the quote at the end of your post: self-discovery, indeed, but also about the process of creation.

    My heart has been heavy, too, with our friend’s loss — so hard. And she deserves some better times ahead, but we don’t have any control over that, whether in our lives, or in the lives of friends.

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    1. Thank you, Lisa. It is fall — at last! I am enjoying watching the leaves fall to the ground, giving way to a time of rest.

      I do love that quote as well. Learning about ourselves as we dive into the creative process can be helpful and revealing.

      I know our friend is hurting and we will try to hold her up in this difficult time. I am hopeful better and happier days lie ahead for her.


  2. Oh how I adore your beautiful autumn leaf littered driveway pictures… The only thing that is missing is a park bench or a seat to sit on,,, a great place to draw inspiration for your written pose… the beauty and the gifts of Mother Nature.

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    1. We do have a bench out back but no room near the driveway unless we cut some trees and that is not in my heart to do. So, I just enjoy observing the color and the daily changes that fall brings. It is beautiful here even if not as colorful as in years past.

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