Day 19

When I decided to retire, I did not give a lot of thought about how I would spend my time. I knew I would take some classes and do some traveling and visit family, but as far as how I might choose to spend the majority of my waking hours, I just did not consider it.

After working for so long, you imagine what retirement will be like. For me, it has been wonderful. I have not missed going to a full time job and working for someone else. Even when I had my own business, I was always working for someone else — my clients. Sure, I could set my own hours but there were still demands. I wanted my retirement to be as ‘demand free’ as possible.

Dreams Realized

I have always self-identified as an artist. I am unfortunately not disciplined enough to work hours on end, apply to shows, advertise and sell my work. I just love to create and I do it for my own satisfaction more than anything else.

meteredLearning to cut stones has always been a dream of mine so I was really excited when I discovered the arts and crafts school here offered lapidary classes. I have taken the same class many times because I do not have the equipment to do the grinding at home. It is also a very messy proposition, which requires a studio dedicated to this type of work.

This morning was my last lapidary class. I finished a few metered pieces and worked on a few freehand pieces. I am always sad to see my classes come to an end because I lose myself in the work.

Silver Jewelry

My other dream was to make more jewelry using sterling or fine silver. I have done a lot of bead work, but as I age and my eyes get worse, it is harder to work with beads. My mind usually goes to the more asymmetrical designs which is not always the design of choice for people buying jewelry. I still make survival bracelets for victims of sexual abuse, but not much else.

engagement ringsI took several classes in Florida before we moved to North Carolina. I even made engagement rings for my daughter and my now daughter-in-law. Talk about stressful! I have taken a few classes since, but again, this work again requires specialized equipment and a dedicated workspace. I love this work even if I do not have a studio of my own.

This coming weekend I am taking a workshop with Molly Sharp. She is an incredibly talented jewelry designer and silversmith. She is also a kind and effective teacher. I am really looking forward to the class this weekend – I’m sure you will hear and see more about it after the workshop is over.

The Urge to Create

Taking continuous classes is not fiscally possible so I have been looking for something creative to do when I am not enrolled in art classes. I have been so inspired by Maitri Libellule and her whimsical watercolors of Anna. They are bright and beautiful and unapologetically Maitri.

watercolor pencilsI have also been drawn to the sketches of Lisa Wagner, who writes an amazing blog entitled “Places of the Spirit”. She has also been spending some time creatively and sharing that work on her blog. So, between the two of these talented women, I have been inspired to try to do a few drawings. I picked up some new watercolor pencils at Michaels, so I will see where this takes me.

These are the activities that I dreamed I would have more time for once retired. So far, I have been successful, but I am really looking forward to having more rainy day activities that do not require a studio and an elaborate equipment set up.

As I left for class, the view out my front door morning was delightful. I love this area and now that the trees are starting to turn, I especially love the view. The dogwood trees are finally showing color from top to bottom and it will not be long before the leaves are blanketing my driveway.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 
Maya Angelou





17 thoughts on “Creativity”

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Lauren. I know you love your job so enjoy this last year. You will find it is so nice to be able to spend days — instead of hours — on projects without feeling at all guilty! 😉

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  1. Creativity is always a good thing, however we access it. Gardening was my end road back into creativity years ago, and then writing, too, as part of my blogging practice. You’ve reminded me to post about that again, and link to some of my previous posts about creativity.

    I’m so glad that my tip-toes back into watercolor have inspired you — I would have never self-identified myself as an artist, but perhaps that’s been part of my journey back into doing more art again, after many, many years.

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    1. Oh, Lisa, from what I have seen you are definitely an artist! If you could see the lack of care my yard receives, you would know for sure! I appreciate what I learn from you and the inspiration you have provided.

      And yes! Please continue your art.I am enjoying your sketches so much!


  2. You are definitely a multitalented, multifaceted woman. The more that I know about you, the more I’m impressed. If I’m ever able to retire, I hope to be able to spend my time in similar ways.

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    1. Donna, I am humbled by your comments. Some pieces turn out as intended and others — well, not so much. It is important to just keep at it.

      I wish we could have retired earlier. I was always dedicated to every position I ever held, but I was downsized so many times, I was ready to give it all up for a simpler life. Finding the house and the place where we wanted to live was the biggest challenge!


  3. I loved this post Maggie and I am so happy you and Lisa are both exploring your creativity. I hope to be able to get back to drawing Anna regularly. I know some part of me is much happier when I do. For me for some strange reason when I get all caught up in the seriousness of life like the recent hurricane my creative self in terms of making art just disappears. Writing is my natural way in the world but drawing and painting come from a shyer, not fully confident place. When I am not in a good place it goes. As with blogging together it feels like it could be a boon to make art in community. I am so glad to be on multiple journeys with you. And of course I love you dearly… ❤

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    1. Oh, Maitri, I love the idea of art in community. I attempted it once (one of my many failed FB groups) but it was a big flop.

      I understand about creativity being harder to tap into during times of stress. That’s why I love art that requires intense concentration. I get lost in the work. I hope Anna comes back. She inspires me!

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  4. You have always been my favorite artist for as long as I can remember. You are so talented and I love that you are making time to feed your artist’s soul.

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    1. I remember so well how you sat patiently for me when I was taking portraiture classes. You got tired of it, I know. 😇I wish I had saved all those drawings.

      Thank you for always supporting me even though those rings stressed me out! I love you! 💕


  5. Dear dear Maggie… you have a beautiful talent and a beautiful aura in the way you talk, write and speak… i so love the autumn colours of the trees giving back to the circle of life… nothing more to say but beautiful

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    1. Thank you, Tanya. I am glad you enjoyed the photo of my driveway. Before long it will be a blanket of crunchy leaves which are beautiful in their own right.


  6. Brilliant that you are following your intuition and having such a rewarding retirement so far Maggie. Thanks for sharing! I am a Creative Life Coach with a passion for poetry and have a blog in case you also have time to look? I am also on Instagram as #coachingcreatively in case you are interested in following. Today’s blog post is about being present. Have a good Monday! Sam 🙂

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    1. Hi, Sam,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. I will definitely check out your blog. I am always looking for inspiring bloggers to follow.

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