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Ebb and Flow of Life

Day 10

IMG_0898Today life is moving at a different pace and in a different direction than I imagined. We can make plans and decide how things are going to fall into place and then things change. Perhaps the change is subtle and perhaps it will be dramatic but life does not sit still. If we are not engaged it can and will happen around us.

Much like the tides that calm us or threaten us, things change. Sometimes we are soothed by the sweet sounds of the surf breaking and rolling peacefully to the shore. Sometimes, the waves pound so hard, we take shelter. There is no shelter from life – we just find momentary places to shield ourselves from the storm of the day and then we move on.

Going With The Flow

Today I am learning to absorb the rhythm of my life here in these foothills. I am more aware of the ebb and flow and the pace at which life unfurls. We are not always open to or enthralled by the changes, but change does not seek our approval. There is a level of acceptance we must find and then perhaps change our thinking to embrace the changes that unfold around us.

There is a peace to be found in accepting what we cannot change. We may fight it and resist it, but at some point we find acceptance. Changes can be big or small – a cancelled date with a good friend, a change in weather, running out of your favorite tea – anything. It seems to me the ability of the human spirit to adapt to changes is important in finding happiness.

So, today, I am at peace with the small ripples in my pond. As I look at them, starting small and tight and slowly expanding until they eventually disappear, I realize the things that throw us curve balls do dissipate. It just takes time.

I am here at home spending a quiet and uneventful afternoon. The day was not as I had imagined, but everything is okay as it is. I have adjusted and accepted the ripples in my pond. In a strange way, I am now finding them somewhat relaxing.

Life is all about perception.


“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are
the detours you didn’t mean to take.” 
Angela N. Blount



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