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The Journey Begins

Today I start a journey, blogging for 365 days straight. I have been looking forward to this with a bit of excitement and a great deal of trepidation. I retired two and a half years ago and I have experienced small spurts of what my mother called ‘sticktoitiveness’. For the most part, I have enjoyed just falling into each day and letting life happen as it will. Today changes all of that. Today, I have one goal every day – to write this blog.

How This Journey Began

I belong to an online writers group of amazing women from all over the U.S. and Australia. A challenge to blog straight for 365 days straight was issued. The idea of having a goal and a commitment I must meet every day felt like something I wanted to take on.

I have blogged off and on for years, but being dedicated to blogging every day will be new for me. So, wish me luck!

What to Write About???

So what will I write about? I feel like I am starting a journey home. What does that mean, exactly? I mean, I’m already home. I have a house and a family, right? I suppose that is true. I came ‘home’ to the mountains that I love so much when we retired. It isn’t the place I grew up, but everything around me feels like home. It’s the place of my ancestors. It’s where the story of me began.

So Then What am I Journeying Toward?

I can best express it by saying I am journeying toward the ultimate feeling of being complete – of searching no more – of being home in every aspect of my life. Home is more than people and a house. Home is the essence of who we are. It’s our history, our experiences and our future. It is what makes us feel complete. It is belonging – and just maybe –  we are luckiest if we never quite get there. 

And so it begins. If you would like to join along, just click the link in the sidebar. I welcome the company.

cropped-img_30015.jpg“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.” 
Anatole France


5 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. Congratulations dear Maggie! You have begun! Your blog is wonderful and I believe it will be quite an enriching journey for you. And I love knowing we are both doing this. I love your idea about writing about home. I will look forward to seeing how you develop this theme. It is a lovely one indeed.

    Blessings to you dearheart, I hope you find this journey as amazing and magical as I found my last year doing this. I am so excited to have begun again. And now we are on our way…

    Much love,



    1. Thank you, Maitri. You have been such an inspiration to me and I, too, am glad we are taking this journey together.

      Thank you for your support and encouragement. ❤️ I am excited about the journey!



      1. I wish I could give you a big hug honey but I am cheering you on. This is going to be an amazing year. I love you honey…


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